What should a vendor or seller Amazon strategy include?


Not all Amazon strategies are exactly the same, what a business sells, their fulfilment operation and type of account can all affect a strategy. However, all strategies should have the same foundation made up of four key elements.

Regular content reviews

Ensuring that your amazon strategy contains regular content reviews is one area of focus. Once a listing has been set up and optimised a seller or vendor shouldn’t think of their job as done. Due to the ever changing keywords being used by consumers, businesses should ensure that keyword research is regularly conducted in order to keep on top of any new, high volume additions. These new keywords could have an impact on your rankings which in turn affects your conversions, making it a vital part of your process.

Another benefit of reviewing your content is that you may be able to spot information consumers want to know which could help improve their interaction with your listing and lead to a purchase. Potential consumers may turn to the Q&A section to ask about features of the product which are missing from the content of the listing, meaning businesses can use this section to see what additions the listing needs.

Similarly, past consumers may leave feedback within product reviews which could help future buyers. Reviewing these sections will help improve the quality of listings and the conversion rate, as a result. 

Primary and additional image optimisation

It is in the best interest of Amazon to offer their consumers a pleasant and easy consumer journey while using their marketplace. This is why Amazon offers wide scope for the inclusion of high-quality images and videos, to make shopping online easier for their consumer base.

Sellers and vendors should take full advantage of the space for images on listings. Not only does this help the consumer trust the product they are considering purchasing, but Amazon also rewards listings with complete sets of images.

When looking to optimise images you should review Amazon’s image guide and policies to ensure all images meet their standards.

Supportive advertising

Unfortunately, organic activity is not enough to succeed on the platform alone. Because of the volatility and unpredictability of Amazon’s rankings, relying on this for your profits is too risky. 

Luckily there is a way to quickly build your organic rankings also generating sales and building a customer base at the same time, investing in Amazon’s paid search offering.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) gives brand the ability to increase the visibility of their products and brands in the space where consumers are searching. What’s more is that you pay only for the clicks your ads receive. Campaign reports help track your ad spend and performance, allowing you to see what’s working and fine-tune your campaigns to improve them.

An account management process

The final key element to a solid strategy foundation is having an account management process in place. Amazon is often rolling out new features and putting out updates which can be time-consuming to deal with, along with reviewing content, performance and other key metrics, which could provide insights into how to improve. For this reason it is best to have a dedicated team or external expert Amazon consultancy agency to help manage your Vendor or Seller Account.