What Should be Considered While Investing In An LED Display in your Business

Pixeled word Ad agency on digital screen 3d render

Like you have to struggle a lot to find the right pair of jeans or the perfect window style for your home, selection of flexible led screen needs your attention as well. You cannot just visit a store, choose one and bring it to the home. Rather, this stage requires analysis on the basis of some important factors, which might look simple and usual but are significant to ensure functionality and performance. 

So, are you going to replace the existing LED screens any time soon? Not sure how to find the right type? If yes, then here are some elements you should consider:

  • Placement

It is always necessary to figure out why you want to change the old display screens. Apart from the desire to enjoy new and better features, placement of the LED display screens is something your decision should be based on. First of all, you have to know whether they will be working for outdoor or indoor environment as it will determine the nature of their durability and reliability. In case of exposing them to harsh weather, like humidity, rain or sunlight, the display screens have to be weather resistant and of high quality material. 

  • Purpose

The purpose of getting an LED screen is based upon the type of business you are running. In case of advertising products and services with the help of videos, static images or for presentation, there are different types of LED displays available to support multiple formats. 

  • Viewing Distance

According to the experts, the distance for each LED display is different because of its size and color contrast. Outdoor LED screens have more surface area and therefore, need audience to keep more distance than they used to keep from indoor LED screens. For a 3 mm indoor display screen, a 3-meter distance is enough while if you want to keep more than 10-meter gap, then outdoor LED screen should be placed.

  • Repair and Maintenance

The best part of having durable Led screens is longer life. Since they can resist harsh weather conditions, you can expect them to work significantly well without getting damaged. However, if they are affected in any way, you just have to replace that part and continue deriving benefits from them.

  • Monochrome or Color

After deciding that you want a new LED display, the next worthy question is to figure out the quality of pictures and colors. Just remember that colored LEDs are a bit expensive as compared to monochromes but are worth the investment. For business purpose, colored options are perfect as they maintain visual appeal for the audience while for texts or ordinary use, monochromes can handle the job. 

  • Important Questions to Ask

On your way to finding the right LED display screen, don’t forget to ask two important questions:

  1. Resolution: How many pixels are there in the display?
  2. Pitch: How close are the pixels?

The first answer is based on the type of items you are putting on the screen and at how much distance people are present. There is no need to go for high resolution if the audience is going to watch the screen from a certain distance. 


With all these factors and details, it should be easy for you to come up with an appropriate led screen and led display manufacturer, DOITVISION is a good choice, We offer a variety of items like IP68 outdoor screens, creative flexible screens, stable rental LED screens etc. Once you have an idea and potential options, things will start to settle down as you proceed.