What Start-Ups Really Need from IT Support Firms?


An organization in its early stages of growth has unique needs. Their to-do lists are long, and time is valuable. Every hour that can be spent strategizing, analyzing and decision-making is vital to their success. The technology needs of a start-up are unique as well as they need to have a strong understanding of what is important for growth, not just maintenance.

  1. Start-ups need people. At this stage of the game, the priorities are with your people and creating the vision of your company, services, and products. This isn’t the time to purchase every bell and whistle and that goes for technology as well. An IT support company that will help your IT infrastructure grow alongside your company at the same pace is necessary to keep costs under control.
  2. Start-ups need IT experience. They don’t usually have it from the beginning, and they need to outsource to take advantage of the vast knowledge an IT support agency provides. This is critical to avoid making mistakes early on in your business.
  3. Start-ups need a strong foundation. How you grow your IT infrastructure in the beginning is important. You want to have an expandable system with the correct systems in place.
  4. Start-ups need money. They don’t need to spend it on services that might be unnecessary. Link up with a reputable agency that can increase your network as the demand for services grows. It doesn’t make sense to purchase equipment that will not be used and then needs to be replaced in a few years. One company that excels at providing realistic expectations for your initial capital IT investments is Mustard IT, an IT support company. Mustard IT ensures that each expenditure is maximized for the best in support, security, and technology equipment, and keeps the start-up from having to dedicate funds to an in-house IT department. It also helps them avoid an expensive IT executive.
  5. Start-ups need partners. Having too many people coming in and out of the door without leaving results is a mistake many start-ups make. When consultants are not invested in your vision, money can fly out the window very quickly. Instead, look for companies that can be partners with you for the long haul, partners who are interested in seeing you succeed. An IT partner should be involved in your strategic IT planning, monitoring and support, backup management, security plans, and recovery plans.
  6. Start-ups need consistency and reliability. When everything else is constantly changing, start-ups need their technology to continue to function and be the steadfast backbone of the organization. Their IT support firm needs to respond when called and be proactive about keeping things running smoothly. This allows the executives and employees to keep their focus on working.

Start-ups are busy getting funding, creating products, and developing systems for service delivery. When time, money, and expertise matter, they should select an IT support company that will provide for them during their growth as a true partner with an eye toward the future.