What to do when iphone freezes


What must you do when your iPhone freezes?

Everybody loves their iPhone and treat it as a precious asset. They love them just as their life and when sometimes it freezes, you get a mini heart attack.

Do not panic just follow these simple tips:

Restart your phone-This is the first thing you should do when your phone freezes. Press and hold the sleep button at the top left. If nothing happens then try holding the home button and the sleep button simultaneously for 10 seconds or until you see the apple logo on the screen. When you restart the phone, the updates or downloads of the recent apps will be completed. You have to restart your phone periodically so that you save power on the almost finished installing.

Charge your phone-Another trick for a phone freeze is plugged into a charger or connect it to your PC through the USB cord. If your iPhone is very low on power, your phone screen will remain black  for 2-3 minutes as the battery is getting charged. Therefore be patient some minutes.

Close apps running in the background-If one app is not working on your phone, then you have to open the apps by pressing the home button twice. The apps that are open in the background will be shown. Hold the app icon until it starts to wiggle and red minus sign appears on it. Just touch the sign to close the app. When you open several apps at one time, it will drain your battery and cause your phone to freeze. Open the apps that are necessary.

Lack of sufficient space-One of the main reasons of excessive freezing of your iPhone is due to lack of free space. Your iPhone has 32 GB, but using up all the space may cause your iPhone to freeze or lag. Therefore do not download lots of apps on your phone, delete the games and apps you are not using. So that you will save space and your phone will run with maximum speed. Keep at least 1-2 GB of free space, to prevent your phone from freezing.

What must you do when your iPhone freezes

Update-Another reason for phone freeze is due to outdated OS. You have to keep checking for ios updates, for this go to the settings, select a general option and then click on the software update option and follow the instruction on the screen. Check from your PC to know whether your phone screen in working properly or not.

Restore your system-Restoring your iPhone should be your last resort to deal with the freeze.  You must know that a system restore will delete all the info from your device when you restore the original factory settings. Therefore, you have to first back up all your info on the phone before you restore your phone to factory settings. For restoring your phone, you have to first ensure that your iTunes is updated. Then connect your phone to your computer, click iPhone and then click restore and you just have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.