What To Do When You’re Unhappy At Work


Working is a big part of your life and takes up a lot of your time and energy. Therefore, it’s in your best interest, both mentally and physically, to be pleased with what you’re doing and who you’re working for each day.

The reality is that one day, you may take a look around and realize that you’re unhappy with your current work situation and environment. Instead of sitting around feeling bad for yourself, know there are steps you can take to try to improve your circumstances. It’s better to act fast than it is to sit around waiting for opportunities to come to you because, by the time that happens, you may be miserable where you are and feel less motivated to make changes.

Find A New Job

If you’re unhappy at work, then you might want to consider finding a new job elsewhere. Figure out if it’s the company or the job duties you dislike, so you know if you need to make a complete career switch or not. Either way, now is a good time to get your CV or resume updated and prepared to send out. If you need help with it, check out these tips and tricks from LiveCareer that will guide you in creating a CV that will get noticed.

Talk to Your Boss

You may also want to consider talking to your boss if you’re unhappy at work. It’s possible you’re bored in your current role and may wish to think about transferring departments. Get their input as to how they think you’re doing and possibilities for your future with the company. All you may need is a different perspective on the matter and some guidance as to what you can be working on to advance in your role or in another position.

Go for A Promotion

You may be bored at work because you’re not being challenged regularly and, in turn, are unhappy. In this case, you may want to look into going after a promotion at your company and seeing if there’s a role for you that’s a better fit. Not only will your responsibilities change, but you’ll also likely be earning more money if you’re able to secure the promotion. It could be motivation enough for you to stay where you are, and you might find you actually still like working for your employer!

Ask for Help

Another reason you may be unhappy at work is because you’re overwhelmed and have too much to do. If so, one idea is to reach out and ask others for help so that you can take some projects off your plate. Doing so will also provide you with the opportunity to take more vacations and practice work-life balance, allowing you to enjoy your life more.


If you’re unhappy with work, then understand you have options for getting to a better place instead of being negative. Give these ideas a try so you can soon find work that satisfies you and can get refocused and back on track with your career and professional life.