What Types of Instagram Ads are There?


There’s no question that advertising on Instagram is a good idea, after all, as of October 2020, there were 1.16 billion users around the world, a figure that’s likely grown even bigger, which means you’ll have a massive audience to reach. If you don’t have the time and expertise, and few do other than the true experts, an Instagram marketing service can help.

If you plan to tackle it on your own, you might wonder which types of ads to choose as there are 

multiple different types of ads that can help you build a strong following for your brand, potentially increasing sales by a significant amount. Even if you plan to outsource or delegate to more knowledgeable employees, it’s a good idea to know what the options are.

Photo Ads

As Instagram is a visual platform and its entire concept is to share images, photo ads are the most common type of ads. Photo sharing is the platform’s most prominent feature, with photos often used to promote brands, services, products, events, and more. They obviously include a photo, along with a description and a button for a call to action. They can also be optimized to include a “view profile” button that will bring viewers to your Instagram profile if they’re interested in checking out your other posts or want to click a link in your bio.

Video Ads

In recent years, video has increased significantly in popularity, often referred to as the social media content of the future, only the future may be now. It does a better job of engaging users than photos, as it tends to catch an audience’s eye with the autoplay feature providing a glimpse of your brand with only a short glance. They have the same capabilities as photo ads, but for those with the creative ability to produce quality video ads, they can do a much better job.

Sponsored Ads

A sponsored ad is an option for business accounts on Instagram, allowing the brand to promote its posts via paid ads. The ads will appear on the home feeds of target audiences and include a direct link to a website, the brand’s profile, or an e-store. Brands can sell their products or services to their target group to increase reach, following, and potentially sales.

Story Ads

Instagram stories have been a big hit, with the majority of active users posting stories several times a week or more, which means there’s quite a bit of traffic generated through them. Story ads show up in users’ stories, typically when a user switches between the stories of two different accounts. The ads are backlinks with an option to “swipe up,” which leads back to the brand’s website or profile. The only downside is that they appear for just a few seconds before the next one pops up, and once they’re gone, they can’t be revisited. The key to success is clever placement and targeting.

Carousel Ads

If posting one video or photo doesn’t turn out to be effective enough, carousel ads can be a great alternative. They allow users to swipe through several images that promote the same ad while keeping them engaged longer. They can also be sponsored ads when promoting a multiple photo post. The biggest benefit is that you can show off more sides of your brand, service, or product in only one ad.