What you need to know about a secure email communication

email communication

Wish to share the details of your future contract with your partner? Are you going to make amendments online? Wait! Have you already encrypted your messages? Double check it before you press the button “Send”!

It doesn’t matter what email service you prefer, you should always be concerned about the safety of your online communication. You will hardly find a user who doesn’t want to keep his personal data private! If you are a business owner and do your business online, you are made to rub elbows with your partners and share the information online. You don’t want your competitors to know about your business strategies and secrets! You might also share your individual data, including some passwords, plans to-do lists or even your credit number and CVV code. When picking reliable tools for encrypting messages, no one but you and your addressee can read this message.

Today, we’ll hunt down the question of secure online communication and identify what email clients can guarantee the complete data security for your emails and attachments.

Why All Users Need to Encrypt Their Emails

Not all users are aware of potential threats to their data security. Yet still, if handled properly, you can protect your messages by choosing reliable email clients with up-to-date encryption methods. When sharing encrypted messages, you will protect its content from hackers. As a result, only those you want to see this message will actually see it. You’ll also reduce the amount of spam that may hit your Inbox on a daily basis.

If you are concerned about the safety of data, you should encrypt your online messaging and harden data protection. With this done right, you’ll protect personal files and data from the most attacks and possible data breaches.

Reliable Email Clients and Solutions for Mac Users

We picked the best emails clients capable of securing your data with industry-level security features and policies.  We hope this guide will help you pick the best email client  for Mac and straighten the security level of your data.

  1. Canary Mail

This email app belongs to the group of top-quality and safe email clients. The work is based on the end-to-end encryption. It just means that no one but you and your partner in conversation can decrypt and see the content of your messages. You shouldn’t rack your brain on how to turn this feature on, you just need to install the app and it will care about the safety of your personal data shared via emails.

The app is also full of other cool features which can help to increase your productivity. Canary Mail can learn what emails are crucially important for you and will highlight them for you. There is also a bunch of great filters which can help you group your emails in accordance with various criterias. It is a top-quality instrument which can help you protect the personal identity and rest assured that your conversations are protected!

  1. Proton Mail

The greatest benefit of this app is that it is free of cost. You can access it either from your laptop or any mobile device. The service guarantees end-to-end encryption which means that your online communications are well protected. Otherwise stated, all your messages sent via this app are well encrypted and no one can decrypt them.

There is another reason for using this service – it doesn’t keep the information about your IP address. If you prefer using its free version, you’ll get up to 500 MB of free email storage. If it is not enough for you, you can buy a subscription and get more storage.

  1. HushMail

It is another service which hit the market almost 20 years ago and still remains popular. When choosing it, you won’t care about the safety of your personal data shared via emails. As a result, all your online conversations will be protected by high-quality state-of-the-art methods of encryption.

You can send your messages to users of different email clients, including Gmail and Outlook.

Its web version has a modern interface allowing you to send or get messages from absolutely any device. The storage place is 10 GB. This service also supports the email signature (this option is of prime importance for modern business owners who frequently share messages with their partners online).

In sober fact, if you run your business online, you must care about such aspect as data privacy. When selecting one of the platforms discussed in this review, you will protect your online account from black-hat hackers.