What you need to know before buying foreign currency for Business travel


Want to travel abroad? Have you prepared all? Planning is the key to everything when traveling abroad and buying foreign currency. To avoid high expenditure surprises before and during your trip, you should examine the important details beforehand, such as how many foreign currencies you need to take, according to your travel profile of course, and when is the best time to go?

Exchange your currency.

To help you understand some important points about trip payments, we have prepared questions and answers about the main questions that come to us. Look at this:

Tourism or business: What foreign currency do you want to buy?

To travel, it is only possible to buy foreign currency with “tourism” quotes. Confusion between types, tourism and commerce, often occurs because we usually follow quotes from two modalities on websites and news portals. Questions like “where is currency exchange locations near me?” or “how can I buy foreign currency?” are reasonable. But it should be noted, these two types of currencies for various types of use:

– Tourism Exchange:

Foreign currency called tourism is used for “retail” operations, for example for travel, for payment of purchases and accommodation, for example. This is also the modality used in refilling international prepaid cards. Therefore, this is a quote that you should pay attention to if you are traveling or want to make international payments for tourism purposes, for example, sending money to a hotel.

– Commercial Exchange:

Commercial exchange rates are those used in negotiations between companies, for import and export contracts, for example, and in financial operations, such as international dollar reserves. In addition to purchases made on the internet. Basically, trading is what cannot be “cashed” at any time.

What is the best way to bring money abroad?

Every trip requires different needs. But what we always maintain is that tourists take more than one payment instrument. Understanding:

– Local currency in the form of goods

Bringing multiple destination currencies in goods helps you get ready for small expenses such as taxis, subways, bazaars and handicrafts.

– International Prepaid Cards

This payment method is ideal for completing the amount of currency you will carry on your trip. Good for hotel payments, free shop purchases, and restaurants, for example. As a benefit we highlight security, it is password protected and in case of loss or theft can be locked and replaced.

– International Credit Card

Our recommendation is that you avoid this payment tool because it exposes you to currency fluctuations. That is, it can happen that the currency price rises on the invoice day, so you will pay more than you planned on the day of purchase. Which can cause uncontrolled expenses and headaches if you don’t pay the full invoice amount. Credit cards can be an additional option for any emergency.

Do we help you understand more about the international payment method? Hopefully whatever we say in this article can be useful for you later.