What You Should Know Before Buying A Clover POS System


 Once you sign up to be able to receive credit card payments with Slice, you will need to choose a terminal that works with your business model. This is true for small business owners, midsize owners, and entrepreneurs who managed to gain control of large-scale operations.

At Slice, we offer up Clover terminals for a very low monthly fee. That fee is what keeps everything commission-free and running smoothly. Like with all major purchases, there are still some things to know about buying and using your Clover point of sale system. Here are some of the biggest things to be aware of…

  1. You can rest assured that Clover will treat you well. Regardless of which terminal you use, you will be able to have peace of mind while dealing with customers. Clover terminals are durable, built to prevent hacker attacks, and also are notorious for fast processing speeds.
  1. Clover Mini and Clover Flex will keep you covered while you’re on the road. Both Clover terminals are equipped to accept payments anywhere there is wi-fi. With the Clover Mini, you also can enjoy an optional LTE setting that lets your terminal work using mobile phone connectivity. Both terminals also boast an eight-hour battery life.
  2. Each terminal does more than just process credit cards. Every terminal on the market is mandated to be capable of reading EMV chips, but Clover goes beyond the typical card technology. Every terminal made by Clover also can accept touchless payments like ApplePay, scan QR codes, and even set up loyalty rewards points.
  3. You can also use your peripherals in conjunction with Clover. Worried that you won’t be able to use your barcode scanner, weight scale, or specialty equipment with your terminal? The Clover line of terminals are all designed to be capable of working with accessories. The Clover Flex and Clover Station lines are especially amazing for complex transactions.
  4. The Clover terminal line also gives you access to a specialty app market that makes your terminal yours. Did you ever want to have a point of sale terminal that could do more than just accept payments and print receipts? Clover makes a point of creating endless opportunities with its terminals through the Clover app marketplace. You can download apps that help you schedule employees, manage inventory, print custom receipts, accept online orders, and even play games through your terminal.
  5. You have three different terminals to choose from, each with their own perks. Love working on the go? Choose the Clover Mini. Want to have a “do it all” terminal that stays in place? Go for Clover Station. Want to switch things up from time to time? Clover Flex will be your choice.
  6. You’re going to love your terminal, especially through slice. Clover offers up the most versatile terminals on the market, along with the best support. No matter which terminal you choose, you will find Clover to exceed any expectations you have.With Slice, getting a Clover is more affordable than ever before. After all, when you don’t have processing fees, your company saves thousands every month.