Where Will the Business Phone System Industry Be a Year from Now?

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We tend to think that the phone system we use have reached their full potential. The revolution brought on by mobile phone has certainly reached its goal, since less than 40 percent of Americans still have a land line in their home. However, businesses still have a way to go, to replace their phones. Here is what the business phone system should look like within a year.

Clients looking for Easy Ways to Communicate with Companies

What is happening in businesses, all around the world, is that they are trading up their old land lines, for a more cost-effective and efficient business phone system, which resembles more a global communication platform than just a tool to receive and make phone calls. Aircall is one of the leading companies building these communication systems of the future, in Europe and America, helping businesses to adapt to today’s client needs, which have changed radically, when it comes to communicating with a company.

More than 30% of Americans have texted a company. Many sending their messages in the void, since the firm was still using a land line. That shows the gap that still exists today, between individuals and businesses. That void will be filled throughout the year, at a faster rate, because companies that have not yet made the move to the new business VoIP phone system, are feeling the heat, losing clients that cannot get in touch with them, the way that they expect.

What are the Additions brought by the Phone Business System?

We can note three things that have already started to change, thanks to the new business phone system:

  • Easier to reach the right person directly inside the company
  • AI is simplifying the communication process with customers
  • Make voicemails irrelevant

As we can see, by the three points mentioned above, the direction the business phone system is taking, is one where clients will have a much easier access to companies, by easing the way they can communicate with it. Why would you leave a voicemail when you can actually type your question and receive an answer directly on your mobile phone? That is now possible for all the businesses that have moved on from their old land line to a VoIP communication platform.

Is it possible for companies that haven’t made the move yet, to a business phone system, to survive? In the short term, maybe. But this year should see a growing and more rapid change in the way companies communicate with their clients, and that will go through modernizing their equipment, to adapt.