Which is the best online tool to make highly converting Facebook Video Ads?


Facebook Video Ads can help in garnering a lot of engagement for any brand. Regardless of whether you are B2B or a B2C brand, Facebook video ads can do the magic for you and help you gain unprecedented traction in the market. There’s only one thing that you must keep in mind. Create content that has the power to compel the audience and grab their attention for a long time.

Most of the marketers make this mistake of using vanity metrics as the real measure of the success of a video. For example, likes, comments, shares, etc. can help in finding how much engagement you’re generating, but they cannot accurately tell if your video ad is precisely doing well on Facebook. The measure of the success of your Facebook ad is after all the conversions you get or the sales you make. Likes, comments, shares can help generate the required anticipation in the market but they are not tangible returns on investments that you can take home with you.

Therefore, you can create video ads for Facebook by using a professional video editor like InVideo. The choice of your editor has a huge impact on the success or failure of your video marketing campaign, which is why you must make that decision quite consciously. Another factor to take into consideration are the business costs involves while creating Facebook Video ads. Since most small businesses have budget constraints, they cannot go out and hire an expert team of designers or simply invest in a pricey tool. Due to these constraints, they either end up making bad quality videos that fail to impress anyone or give up the idea of creating Facebook video ads altogether.

But, the scenario doesn’t have to be so. Finding the best online tool for video editing isn’t as difficult as it seems. One of the most popular tools out there is InVideo, which can help you create the best quality professional video in the pan of minutes. The tool is the preferred choice of the best online tool for video editing and generating conversions out of them by digital marketers. If you’re finding it hard to believe, take a look at some of the best benefits that the platform has to offer you-

Infinite Range of Templates

When you’re using InVideo, there is an infinite range of possibilities that your videos can have. It really doesn’t matter what kind of video you’re trying to create or which industry you belong to, at InVideo there are plenty of templates for you. Pick the right one for you and get started with editing it instantly. Whether you’re just creating an introduction of your brand or explaining a video to your customers, you can get started any time by editing your quintessential template. Pick the template that aligns with the theme and script of your brand, then go on adding customizations till you make it picture perfect.

Plenty of Customizable Options

One of the best features of Facebook video ads is that it offers an amazing level of customizations to a video. You can go on creating a fantastic video by simply picking a template and adding points that have the potential to bring in conversions. For example, you can add visuals, narration, texts, fonts, along with background music and image to create a fantastic video that draws conversions from your potential buyers. When you want to drive conversions with your video, you’ve got to make sure that the story of your video excites one particular user, rather than just being for the masses. This is where personalization kicks in and drives product conversions.

Attractive Pricing

Another reason why InVideo is the best online tool to make highly converting Facebook videos is that they have attractive pricing, which is the lowest in the market for a professional video editor. Right from the free plan to the business plan, there is an attractive set of features offered that can be availed by the brand depending upon their needs. However, if you’re not satisfied with the purchased plan, InVideo gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Ease of editing

When you’re creating a video from scratch, you can’t take care of all the nuances at one. Having said this, you need to edit them to add the finishing touches and make them picture perfect. InVideo’s best online tool for video editing can help you accomplish this task and create the video of your dreams.

Start creating a video without second douting yourself. Use InVideo for the best results and watch conversions pout into your brand!