Why 5k Player choice of over 7 million users worldwide


DearMob is a powerful software company with its forefront developing outlook. It is lead by innovative products including free 5K player, DearMob iPhone Manager, etc. The brand enables more dynamic growth with competitive products like MacOS/ iOS/ Windows/ Android users. 5KPlayer is a free HD multimedia player which supports 300+ online video and audio sites. A user can freely download MP4, MOV, AVI without any subscription. DearMob cooperated with digital software to exhaustively enables the DVD AirPlay. It is extending its services and products in the line of 5KPlayer’s capacity, in an encrypted AirPlay DVDs together on Windows computer and Mac. For millions who are using Mac, AirPlay mirroring is preferable. But AirPaly requires Apple TV and Mac with their recent version without any optical drivers. Sounds better but need to purchase an external drive and then copy Apple TV to Mac screen. The users who are on the Windows, AirPlay is also a cause to their concern. They don’t use mirroring instead, now they can opt for 5Kplayer.  To achieve Airplay feature they uses 5K player.

Why 5K Player

5k player

5K player is a free music and Video AirPlay from Windows PC, and it is now improving in its inventions without any limitations.  This is a known fact that AirPlay supports M4V/MOV/MP4 video formats. AirPlay only supports ACC and Mp3 audio formats. AirPlay is not compatible with MKV, AVI, WMA formats. The 5K Player will now take the lead and working for the convenience of the user. that is what makes 5K join hands with digital DVD ripper to play movies in a living room. If the ripping is completed, users get duplicates of DVDs to stream at their favorite time without the drivers encrypted on the region key checks.

5K is the best free media player which supports MKV, 1080p HD, FLV, MP4, 720p Videos, 4K, 5K UHD, formats. They play AAC, MP3 music audio files, stream videos music in Windows(10). Users can share video and music between DLNA and PC compatible device like Smart TV/ Android/ Xbox, PS4. People can download online videos from Vimeo, Youtube(Vevo) and Facebook.

5K Installation

It is simple to install the 5K player on to the Windows or Mac. If the user wants to install 5K player with default preferences, they can click on install. Or one can prefer Custom installation if they want to customize their preferences. They can choose their preferred drives and install it. Whatever process one chooses, it is an easy way to install. Once the 5K player has been downloaded, it is easy to run the program and use it.

5K Play features

Download 5K Player Windows and play the video in HD, users can download them from anywhere. Download the videos from daily motion or youtube and can even send them to TV or big screen through AirPlay. It is easy compared to any other media players yet still reliable and fast in everything from what it does. Suitable for those who want to Play Videos without any further delay or complications. Download 5K player Windows and open it easily choose the type and play it. It controls typical media player from the things which you expect. 5K player plays UHD movies or Online Video, music or radio where one can download the contents online and using Airplay streaming. Users can also save their videos and playlists by sorting their favorite video or audios by creating new playlists in the library.

5K Main Interface


Apple has been changing its features to suit the way we use the devices. For those who love to work with different devices in their homes, switching between them is a problem. To come up with the compatibility feature 5K Player has been introduced. Ideally, 5K is a medium to use the existing networks and bring together all the devices and link them with each other. Download 5K Mac and enjoy the supported play sources like Videos, DVDs, Live Radio, and Music. The users can stream video, music from iPhone,iPad to PC or Apple TV. Airplay mirror records iPhone and iPad screens. With DLNA video features users can share video music between Windows PC.

5K Media Player


5K redefines the expectations of the user and a modern player as a combination of UHD video, DVD player, Music player, and AirPlay receiver/ Sender. If the user likes the music or the movie they can click the heart icon and add them to the Favorite list. The free video player provides a treasury for storing the personal multimedia files. One can create the playlist by clicking “+” icon. They can create a new list of their movies and music from the local drive. Converting video from different formats to MP3, MP4 or AAC can be an advantage to the user.

5K Player Control features
When the user wants to relax and watch a movie on the PC, they prefer an application which supports as many formats as possible. There will be no restrictions for watching a movie on DVD or HD or a youtube video. With the 5K player, the user enjoys a wide range of multi-media files and organizes the playlists. This is very neatly organized and intuitive interface. The application comes with a user-friendly control feature which makes easy for new users and professionals. One can freely select the resources and the program will open up, it plays the selected file immediately. The user can easily select the video track, title; enable or disable and set the Video Tuner. When the track is being played user has the option to play the subtitles. They also have an option to increase and decrease the volume. Set the equalizer to ones desired style.

5K AirPlay Support

5K has a built-in AirPlay service that can turn the computer into an AirPlay receiver/Sender. For iPhone iPads, this acts as a complete screen mirroring tool. This enables for direct streaming of the content from the phone to the computer. In the sender mode, the user can stream audios and videos directly to AirPlay speakers or Apple TV.

5K Radio Player

The Internet has replaced the way we listened to the radio.5K player is the modern internet radio. A user can manually enter the URL or load from the pre-setting tabs which are provided by default. The favorite channels are CBS sports, Hotmix Radio, NBC and BBC sport. If the user doesn’t find any favorite channels they can manually enter the URL and it starts playing the program. Download 5KPlayer Mac, enable the radio and browse your favorite channels.

5K Hardware Acceleration

Some Video Players have few problems while playing the Video but not in 5K Player. It supports DXVA2(Direct Video Acceleration) which is an API. The user can enable it from the settings provided. Software Video processors use DXVA to specific CPU-Intensive features to the GPU. Users can click this hardware to lower RAM system and CPU demand while playing the large files. The user can Download 5KPlayer windows and can access these features.


5Kplayer is entirely free to download and use but with a registration to use some more features. The registration is completely free which forwards the license code to the mail address. There are different file formats and good media player that supports them all. This is a potent player that comes with amazing features like AirPlay and YouTube downloading. This gives its users the benefit of handling all movies and Videos at one place. The free software is a perfect blend of excellent Video Playback with its modern features. This comes with amazing built-in features that are hard to find in other players.