Why are Chatbots the future of marketing?


Brands speak the language of the masses. Behind the thought-provoking campaigns that we see on social media hides a computer program analysing consumer sentiments and user preferences. With automation taking over the monotonous tasks of businesses, the relevance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in present-day business operations increased like never before. From customizing experiences to facilitating personalized customer interactions, AI has come a long way in transcending brand image. 

With the advent and increasing use of social media, digital platforms have become every brand or business’s preferred marketing channels. Precisely, not just social media, but also brands are working on enhancing the online shopping, online ordering experiences for retaining customers. Observing this trend, many Saas chatbots have sprung owing to the need for personalized customer assistance and interaction. 

The incredible evolution of chatbots paved the way for engagement beyond clicks and likes. Looking at the pace at which brands are integrating Chatbots onto their platforms, it is no brainer that Chatbots are the future of marketing. But how is that even possible? What is the connection between marketing and Chatbot? Technological advancements are the answer. 

What exactly are Chatbots? A computer program that automates tasks? Well, chatbots are much more than that. In fact, Chatbots are advanced tools powered by artificial intelligence that understands complex requests, can personalize interactions, and provides crucial information that helps brands strategize efficient marketing campaigns. Although targeted marketing and ad campaigns focus on getting customers on-board, the strategies lack the touch of personalization. Chatbots when strategically used, build lasting impressions and improve engagement. Many companies like H&M, Dominos have employed Chatbots on their platforms for a better user experience. With this trend and automation advancements, Chatbots are predicted to rule the marketing campaigns in the future. 

In the early days of the social media rampage, no one expected that it would be an effective and prefered choice of marketing avenue in the future. Digital marketing revolutionised the way brands are perceived by people. There are brands that rose to prominence with just quirky social media interactions with their users. 

5 Reasons Why Chatbots Are the Future of Marketing


Personalized conversations drive people towards your brand. Brands relentlessly work on improving customer experience owing to fluctuating customer preferences. A chatbot integrated into the app or website drives meaningful engagement with users.

First impressions are everything. The more professionally-pleasant the interaction goes, the more chances of the customer taking an action. Quirky interactions leave a lasting impression on a first-time user. The present-day chatbots are run by Natural Language Processor (NLP), which stores canned messages set by the programmer. Chatbots make customer interaction more personalized and interactive. Gone are the days when customers spent hours together to decide what to choose. 

There are thousands of websites, applications out there which offer the same product or service with the unique specification. Although digital and other marketing campaigns lead the customer to your site or app, the real job begins here. What makes the user stay on your platform? Along with the product or service catalogue, it is the interactions that matter. With chatbots, brands can give more than their best in framing targeted responses based on customer interests. People are seeing a dramatic preference shift towards online mediums and this trend will continue to grow in the future. A day comes when just like store managers suggest the colour options, people will seek AI assistance to get the job done. 


The definition of engagement varies on each medium. For social media platforms, the engagement rate is decided on the metrics of likes, shares, and comments. But this metric lacks clarity as to what the customer feels about the product or what exactly are their preferences. With a chatbot, customers can share their concerns, preferences, or feedback unfiltered in real-time. If not a direct engagement, you can gain the trust of a customer and make them want to consider your brand the next time too. 


The mode of collecting feedback from customers has traditionally been feedback forms, rating analysis, surveys, and emailers. But questionnaires have become a restricted medium for some to leave genuine feedback. Sometimes the questions might not pave way for interactive feedback. With a chatbot, brands can analyse the tone of response- analyse where the customer is dissatisfied and can take constructive feedback in real-time with the utmost professionalism. Feedback from customers is a crucial aspect of strategizing marketing strategies. 

Building brand awareness

A user can get to know your brand’s existence through targeted ads or social media campaigns. But to build a relationship with a user, the user needs to know what your brand offers to the customers. What is your brand beyond the product or service? A loyal customer base is formed when customers know your story. With chatbots, brands can go beyond the traditional awareness strategies and interact with customers in real-time. 

Error-free interaction

To err is human. Human interactions are heavily dependent on one’s state of mind. A customer representative could be overwhelmed with loads of queries sitting on their head. There’s no room for an error with AI integration. Chatbots make interactions easy and error-free. Not just that, an e-commerce brand can make the best use of chatbots with its in-built features like multi-platform integration, canned responses, analytics, etc. On the whole, chatbots not only makes a customer representative’s job easy by decreasing redundancy but also enhances customer experience with lightning speed replies and real-time assistance. 

Wrapping up

A few decades back, branding and marketing were exclusive avenues involving wide-scale events to garner consumer attention. But now, it boiled down to wordplay. Messages or communication with quirky, relatable, and fun phrases is the new norm. You know how Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Pepsi, and other brands tickle the creative nerves every now and then. Even marketing strategies like email marketing- which are presumed to be out of trend, are slowly taking their spots back as people are more inclined towards texts and chat. Technological advancements revolutionized the businesses operate. Chatbots improve the interaction between the brands and customers with a twist of personalization. If you haven’t introduced Chatbots to your customers, it’s high time you do it.