Why choose Zen Go Synergy Core?-sounding like a pro”


Music is the language of the soul. Most people cannot imagine their daily lives without listening to or making music. However, it takes more than talent and dedication to produce professional-sounding records – you also need the right technological tools for the job.Perhaps the most important one is the audio interface. Without it, you have no way of getting high-quality audio in and out of your computer. The right audio interface ensures that all creators, DJs, musicians, and producers can achieve the best possible  sound quality for their projects. 

If you fall into this category by any chance, you will certainly benefit from an audio interface. Here’severything you need to know about  them and the Zen Go Synergy Core – a fantastic choice for beginners, manufactured by the renowned  brand Antelope Audio .

What is the purpose of an audio interface?

The basis for making great recordings, audio interfaces are are devices to which you can easily connect your musical and recording  equipment, such as instruments,microphones,, turntables, and anything else that makes a sound.To let you do that, they usually offer many audio inputs and outputs – both analog and digital.. Modern audio interfaces connect to your computer over USB or Thunderbolt. The variety of connections ensures that the interface  can be easily hooked to a wide range of recording and listening equipment. From then on, audio interfaces work by converting analog audio signals to digital, and vice versa.

. f you want to get started making first-class records on your own, owning an audio interface is non-negotiable. As they are available at many different prices from lots of manufacturers, the choice can be overwhelming. 

Why choose Zen Go Synergy Core?

If you need a helpful nudge in the right direction, look up the Zen Go Synergy Core from Antelope Audio. Antelope Audio has become one of the leading pro audio brands thanks to a range ofhigh-quality products for all needs and budgets. The Zen Go Synergy Core is no exception. 

For users with limited budgets, the Zen Go Synergy Core is a rare chance to own a professional audio interface with high-quality DSP-based effects.It fits in a back-pack and it can be used for recording, mixing, and mastering 

It also works with the Antelope Audio AFX2DAW plug-in which makes it possible to use the manufacturer’s Synergy Core effects in your recording software. This lets you save your computer power for other intensive tasks, such as gaming while streaming In terms of inputs and outputs, the Zen Go Synergy Core features two microphone and instrument inputs, speaker outputs on RCA and TRS jacks, dual headphone outputs, and S/PDIF. It connects to computers and mobile devices for recording over USB-C, which also supplies power. The clever addition of a secondary USB-C port means you are able to charge mobile devices as well. This enables long sessions both in and outside your home studio.

The Zen Go Synergy Core can be operated from the top panel controls and color display, or the Windows / Mac Control Panel application. The latter lets you adjust levels, stack effects, and route audio liberally between applications, inputs, and outputs. You can also create separate mixes for your speakers and headphones, and route them inside recording and streaming applications. The single-window environment is very user-friendly, with ample videos and instructions available to mitigate the learning curve. 

We hope we have been able to help you by pointing you to one of the best products on the market. Visit the Antelope Audio website for more information.