Why Customer Satisfaction Tracking And Feedback Is Important To Your Business


At present, achieving full customer satisfaction is an indispensable requirement to gain a place in the mind of customers and in the target market. For this reason, the objective of keeping every customer satisfied has crossed the borders of the marketing department to become one of the main objectives of all functional areas (production, finance, human resources, etc.) Successful!

For this reason, it’s vitally essential that both marketers and all the people working in a company or organization know the benefits of customer satisfaction, who never to seek to have the opinion of others on a product or service before proceeding to purchase? Today, with the Internet and especially social networks, customer experience and satisfaction are a real challenge.

Online Reviews Compete With The Traditional Pub

Consumers are less and less receptive to classic advertising, as messages multiply. Faced with the high bidding, they prefer to trust the opinions they can find on the net; Despite the abuses that may exist in this area.

68% of Internet users trust the opinions posted by consumers on websites. Comments are therefore very important in the decision-making process.

Andreas Munzel, Researcher at the Management Research Center (CNRS / University Toulouse 1 Capitole)

The Recommendation, A Genuine Barometer Of Trust And Commitment

Before being established with the seller, trust is first and foremost a consumer-to-consumer. In this respect, the recommendation represents a true barometer of confidence and commitment. Customer satisfaction must, therefore, be the Holy Grail your company is pursuing!

You must not only demonstrate to your potential customers that you offer quality products or services, but also demonstrate them.

Look After Your E-Reputation

The opinions of your customers have a real impact on your business. They are involved in building your brand image and your reputation. So always track and collect the opinions of your customers and use these reviews! Put them on your site! If they are good, you should quickly note the impact on your sales.

Encourage your customers (all your customers!) To leave their feedback or perhaps comments: After each purchase or service, send an e-mail to measure their satisfaction and to encourage them to give their opinion.

Create a dedicated section on your site (Our customers’ opinions for example) and put all notices received (without exception).

Do not keep these comments for yourself, multiply the media. In addition to your own site, use Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Yelp.

Of course, it takes a bit of time, but the return on investment is immense! There are also solutions to optimize this process.

With MyRezApp, for example, you can associate a notification management module with your online booking engine. It allows you to better manage your e-reputation by automating part of the process.

The results are there! 80% of our customers’ opinions dropped! And because notices are made to be published, they can be relayed automatically to your site, without you having to intervene.

The Weight Of Customer Reviews.

Verified Reviews (an outsourced customer feedback management platform) announces on their website that customer reviews can increase your sales by up to 20%. According to Customer to customer study, 41% of Internet users report regular spontaneous purchases following positive comments. Conversely, 74% abandon a purchase because of negative reviews (we will see below how to minimize this impact).

It’s Necessary To Give Way To Panic When A Bad Review Arrives?

Many of you are trying to keep a 5-star rating at all costs on your business or service. The goal is praiseworthy, but it’s not necessary to panic when an unsatisfied customer comes to upset your pretty 5/5.

Indeed, a Customer to customer study has shown that if a user sees only “5-star” reviews on a product listing, the latter will become suspicious. In other words, it’s almost better to get an average of 4.5 / 5 than 5/5. At the next note murder, do not panic 🙂

Should We Respond To Customer Reviews?

The answer is obviously YES, and all the more so if the basic review is negative. A study conducted by PhoCusWright recently shows that 77% of respondents think that an institution or perhaps online surveys that write feedback reviews to their clients’ opinions give the impression of being more concerned about them. More than 60% indicate that in general, reading this type of feedback makes them more inclined to buy.

Importance Of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Online surveys know customer’s tastes, their desires, they almost read their minds, and how they got it? Exactly through satisfaction surveys.

Yes, customer feedback could be taken from online surveys, where you can choose from different customer satisfaction templates from website akin to typeform and the like to help your business products or services.

It’s therefore essential for you to respond to all the reviews your customers leave right there for you; Positive and even more so if they are negative. According to the same study, 87% of Internet users think that an appropriate response to a negative opinion leaves a better impression.

How Do I Respond To A Customer Review?

Here are some rules to keep in mind when responding to a review left by a customer:

First of all, avoid using the same type of response for all reviews left on your business or service. This would give the impression that you want to run the exercise or that you are looking to automate it. Remember, Internet users like personalized answers.

Try to respond quickly. To do this, subscribe to the notifications alerts in your service account.

Pay special attention to spelling and grammar. This has an impact on sales (and secondarily on the natural referencing of your product listings).

Keep a professional tone in all circumstances (even though some opinions are annoying). Indeed, the study of Trip Advisor shows that around 70% of respondents indicate that an aggressive or defensive response following a negative opinion gives them less desire to buy. So you can give your opinion, but in polite style and weight. Do not forget that other users will read your reaction!

Finally, you have it, responding to customer reviews can have a strong impact on your sales, In the end, whatever method is used, constantly look after your customers’ satisfaction and make an effort to work your reputation, it always pays. Word of Scout!