Why DDoS Protected VPS is important for your website


We all know that website is an important part of an online business model. The website contains a lot of information which can be misused by others. One such threat is DDoS also known as Distributed Denial of Service. It is a threat to any business and it is imperative that we prevent this attack from happening.  We will further discuss the threats associated with DDoS and some of the effective ways by which it can be prevented.

So what are the risks associated with DDoS attacks? Most people are not aware, however, A DDoS attack can be very bad for business. It can halt the whole business and even cause the website to go offline in few minutes which means that people won’t be able to access your website. This happens as this type of attack overwhelms`s the server resources and prevents the ideal or desired results. Many people have the question why you should use a VPS. VPS has way better protection and support compared to a standalone server. The regular patch and software updates provide better security and data back up options compared to any other service.

Let us look at some of the real risks involving DDoS attack. The DDoS attack can be used for many other dangerous cybercrime activities. Making the website go offline or inaccessible is only one part of the DDoS attack. Other activities are malware activation, Financial theft, Data Breaches, Virus infections and network breaches. These activities can cause various other problems such as Data breach, revenue loss, losing a customer trust, reputational loss, ransom demands, and increased help desk expenses.

Let us discuss these a bit more.

1> Data Breach

Although DDos may seem to disrupt only the services, however, it can be used for many other attacks as well. It can find illegal access points in your network and steal all types of sensitive information. The best way to deal with it is to be vigilant at all times and maintain awareness of any possible attacks. There should be backup of all critical data and should be kept at multiple redundant locations.

2> Revenue loss

Any business will be hit when they have a downtime, especially when its online business. Many businesses have confirmed that they suffered certain revenue loss when they had a DDoS attack during the peak time of business. The loss also depends on the type and size of the organization.

3> Losing a Customer trust

The trust of a customer plays an important role in any business. The new ways to get the customer is through satisfaction. DDoS can lead to network impact which can lead to unsatisfied customers, which is bad for business. All online businesses rely heavily on customer trust to maintain their business.

4> Reputation loss

Any such types of attack can severely hamper the overall brand reputation. It is a difficult task for any organization to bounce back from such a loss.

5> Ransom and Helpdesk expenses

Off late, the cyber attacks have been more interested in ransoming people and organizations alike. The hackers lockdown the essentials services until the company pays the asked Ransome. Similarly, when the services go down people will call up the support services and it will increase the requirement of support services. This will also increase the cost of support.

After reading the above problems you can visualize the impact of a DDoS attack on companies and online businesses and why it is important for them to prevent it at every cost. In such cases, DDoS protected VPS is a solution which has DDoS mitigation included in it. It is also known as Anti-DDoS VPS. It requires a high data transmission limit and requires hardware firewalls which can stop a DDoS attack. The DDoS protection is not provided by all hosting providers. As we know DDoS attack can be of various types. Some of the most popular types of attacks are ICMP Flood, UDP flood, Ping of Death, HTTP Flood, and SYN Flood.

You should also remember to check with your hosting provider if you have the DDoS attack protection for your website and if it has any limitations. If in case the attack is bigger than the limit, it can affect the services. If you experience increase in the size of attacks make sure that you upgrade the protection level from the limited edition. It also saves your website from Brute force attacks, SQL injection attacks, and similar other hacking attempts.


The various kinds of DDoS attacks are prevalent and they frequently disrupt the online business. These attacks can also have a significant impact on the revenue. It does not depend on the size, type, and popularity and it is a smart thing to protect your website from such attacks.