Why does a domain name matter for your website?


The internet as we know today is the gateway for sharing information, making advertisements,  displaying products, running forums selling products and many other applications. Most of these activities require distinct names linked to its nature of service, origin or even the size. You will find that these names usually play a major role in branding which is one of the key things in marketing. Say, for example Google, uses its name for branding you will find that most of its domains and subdomains contain the label google e.g. the famous mail.google.com. We shall explore the basics of buying domain name and how these names matter.

What is a domain?

You probably know what a domain is. It is that name that is assigned to your web resources to help users find them on the internet. It sounds simple, isn’t it? That’s because today we have registrars who assign you the name. Their role is maintain global domain records so that every time a new user registers then they will be informed on the availability of the name. Most of these domain names usually run for one year before you renew or registrar gives it to another person. Subscription may vary to up to three years. Now we know what a domain is and how it is vital for resource location.

Naming your domains

Names are crucial for identification of many things including us humans. It would be very difficult if we did not have names and someone had to refer to us when in a crowd. However, we sometimes have similar names and we could coincidentally offer same services. How then can we distinguish ourselves from other people offering the same services? A quick answer would be to adopt a distinct feature and that would be a distinct brand name. Bingo! That is how we will chose a name for our website thus. The name should speak more of the branding, which is one of the key factors in marketing, than just products.

Hosting our website

Finding a domain name requires that you take the next step of building your website. This should follow immediately because of the time factor. You realize that expiry is only one year and thousands of websites come up every day which means there are many chances of losing your domain name. How then can we book and use these domain names? A quick search on “Web Hosting” will provide you a long list of web hosting service providers who offer various plans depending on your needs. These companies usually serve as registrar agents and hosts which makes it even better when it comes to keeping your website running all along.

Diversifying your website with subdomains

Given that your website is service driven, then it is crucial that different services run from ‘branches’ of the main domain name usually called subdomains. Say, you have a domain name “www.greedybee.com” that sells honey and you want to sell other bee related products, then it is best practice if you assign a subdomain to your main domain. This could be something like “hives.greedybee.com” if you intent to sell bee hives from your website too. That is the whole concept of naming domains and it helps you improve your appearance in searches by refining keywords while minimizing the need for regular search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Whenever a search is made and you appear at the top of the list always then it means you are a reliable service provider. That is the concept of service provision on the internet by the way. So do not keep you content rich website at the bottom of the list where a user cannot find you. It is not so common that internet users type the exact URL names because they may appears to be complex and requires a lot of memorizing. This should be a non-issue though, since your web hosting clients will provide tools such as Attracta SEO to help you optimize your site. Google console is also one of the most used optimization tools you can choose.

Wrapping up everything

We have seen all the steps from determining your website’s name through hosting, creating subdomains and optimizing your website. All these steps are crucial in order to keep your website relevant on the internet. Without one of the many things we have discussed, you may not get the desired results and you may spend a lot of time trying to fix this. Let us thus, choose domain names wisely and organize our website so that contents are in their respective subdomains. Performing search engine optimizations on top of all these makes your website stand out even more amongst other and will fetch you more and more clients each day.