In the coming peak season, shipping issues have been concerns of both sellers and buyers. Due to shipping delays occurring a lot, getting global fulfillment warehouses is a strategic way to avoid this.

Global fulfillment centers expand your global business easily

Building fulfillment centers all around the world are very expensive and time-consuming, so cooperating with an order fulfillment company with global fulfillment centers is comparatively economical and effective. Of course, having global warehouses doesn’t mean having warehouses in every country. At least, most of the warehouses are supposed to be located in centers of economic regions. US fulfillment warehouses are centers that you can’t miss as the US have the largest GDP for many years. Having Europe fulfillment warehouses and Australia fulfillment warehouses would assist you in dominating the booming market. Asia, especially China, is the hub for manufacturers. Some order fulfillment companies could do added-value service for you, such as sourcing featured products from local areas directly, empowering you to compete with other shoppers.

Some global fulfillment centers are not that expensive

Indeed, renting global fulfillment centers is not as expensive as you think. Some global order fulfillment companies would provide you with special offers for the peak season, such as free storage and discount. Normally, 60 days are inventory cycles of commodities. If you work with those offering 60 days free storage, then you don’t need to pay for the warehousing fee at all. It is one of the approaches to cut down cost and to increase revenue.

Global fulfillment centers provide branding-friendly and localized solutions

Order fulfillment companies with global warehouses play an important role in building a good image of your brands. A custom solution is an ideal strategy to set up and keep a brand tone. A reliable partnered order fulfillment company would understand your brand and your value created for buyers. With custom packaging, to pack your orders in your brand style and in accordance with local civilization, you would never lose chances to earn brand loyalty from your audiences. Besides, working with order fulfillment companies with global warehouses can save your time. If you only have one supplier, it is acceptable to ask them to do the packaging, kitting, etc. for you. Imaging that if your suppliers differ, it takes time to negotiate with them about all these details.

Moreover, returns could exist from time to time. When buyers make returns, it is complicated for them to return directly to manufacturers. Global warehouses could be a small factory to receive returns and repack it for reselling. Plus, once the consumers make purchases, they expect to receive the shipping information in real-time from the day it shipped. Seamless eCommerce integration provided by order fulfillment companies on multiple platforms would sync order shipping status to your system, and then you and your consumers would know the details of shipping.

In conclusion, collaborating with order fulfillment companies saves money and time. Global fulfillment centers near customers allow you with 2 days shipping. With the network of global fulfillment centers, you could split and manage your inventories strategically to reduce shipping time. All these would earn your consumers loyalty for your brand, increasing customer satisfaction.