EngageBay Marketing Software is an integrated marketing solution for any small business. Every business needs boosting that increases the revenue they get. For that, Engagebay Marketing is one of the best-unified marketing tools that make every business actions easy and flexible.

Engagebay Marketing interface has united so many interesting features that make the small business work simple and effective. The features that are provided by the company are described below:

  1. Social Media

An all-in-one medium to schedule, verify and manage social media marketing posts. It helps to track the engagement levels in different media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

It is easy to measure and monitor brand equity that ensures that the company is on the top level of engagement.

  1. Email marketing automation

It helps in smooth nurturing of the audience using email marketing. It is easy to save the time in nurturing the audience by creating a series of email sequences. It is easy to set up emails that are triggered by the visitors on the website. This ensures that the customers are showing interest in the displayed services and products.

It pushes towards the next level of the marketing funnel. By such marketing automation, the engagement between the brand and the targeted audience is increased significantly with expected conversions by email marketing campaigns.

  1. Content Management

Accommodate all the marketing and sales information at one place so it is easy for anyone to access at any time. It is easy to identify how audience looks and track the content by different metrics.

Try to update the content on the website so it becomes easier to remain fresh and updated. This way brings out the audience back to the website many times.


  1. Automate usual and manual tasks

Engagebay Marketing Software is not only meant for email marketing but is responsible to improve the business efficiency by robotizing both manual and routine tasks of any marketing company.

The automation includes tracking events, subscribing and unsubscribing, syncing of the data. The software will probably take care of all these processes while allowing the company to focus on the major things.


  1. Drag and Drop operations to build a beautiful landing page

Web page meta description, meta title, and many more can be optimized and modified in the Settings Tab. An event action can be made when a visitor clicks on Subscribe. Double opt-in is another folder to make further modifications.

It is easy to monitor the live landing page performance and check the subscription status and visitors clicks and allowed to check the conversion rate accordingly.

Apart from the above major features, there are many other benefits included in Engagebay one-stop marketing software. They are:

  1. The software enables to measure the ROI effectively. However, determining the correct ROI is difficult in terms of small businesses, so it is made simple by this single platform.
  2. All the marketing campaigns are tracked and optimized by a simple and unified interface of marketing techniques.
  3. It is difficult to approach many companies for different services, but it is made easy by a single interface called Engagebay. All the support and relationships are maintained in a propelled way and under one bill.
  4. Email exchanges, engagement metrics, and customer behavior are taken care under a single roof. It provides a holistic 360-degree view of customers in all the marketings channels.
  5. The software provides an in-depth report of metrics and campaigns for marketing translates under a unified system.

This helps to rely on all the data in a single place and the software keeps track of the added information very effectively.

  1. Based on the designation, demography, behavior, engagement metrics and many other attributes that are in the customer acquisition cycle are scored up to generate leads and focus on the best.

With all the consequences of the online marketing described below, Engagebay has been considered to portray solutions for them.

The consequence met are:

  1. Data inconsistencies, redundancies in the data happen by spreading customer data across various systems.
  2. With Engagebay marketing software Single point marketing systems and multiple freeware are eliminated which results in chaos and loose efficiency and productivity.
  3. Learning multiple marketing systems and following different software updates has been eliminated by the learning systems of Engagebay because it terminates to focus on marketing, not the learning.
  4. Jugglings and Multiple Logins are eliminated by Engagebay since time is precious and every marketer wastes at least an hour or two per day by switching the login systems
  5. Complicated integrations and multiple bill payments are eliminated by Engagebay. Since most of the complex technical integration and payment gateways have a huge risk and consume time.


  1. The software provides 100,000 Contacts, $80 FREE emails that include 20000 emails, Lists, $4/extra 1000 emails, Score, Custom Fields, Email Marketing Sequences, Contact Management, Lead Grabbers, Forms,  Validator, Facebook Ads, Custom Landing Page Designer, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Social Media Landing Pages, Subdomain Support for Landing Pages, Autoresponders, Email Templates, Bulk Email, Custom Email Template Designer,  A/B Testing, Engagebay Branding Removed, 50GB File Storage, Phone Call Support, Dedicated Account Manager, Dedicated IP for any enterprise subscription.
  2. Other than Bulk Email Validator, Dedicated IP, Dedicated Account Manager, 10GB data, 25000 contacts, $40 FREE emails that include 10000 emails, 10 GB file storage, $4/extra 1000 emails are provided with similar features that are included in enterprise subscription are given for pro membership which is provided for $1 for 60 days.
  3. Other than Bulk Email Validator, Dedicated IP, Custom Landing Page Designer, Subdomain Support for creating Landing Pages, Custom Email Template Designer, Analytics, A/B Testing,  Dedicated Account Manager that is provided in enterprise level, with 10000 contacts, $20 FREE emails that include 5000 emails, 5GB data file storage, $4/extra 1000 emails is given in Growth subscription which is provided for $1 for 60 days.
  4. Other than Score Marketing Automation, Dedicated Account Manager, Bulk Email Validator, Landing Pages, Auto Responders, Custom Fields, Custom Landing Page Designer, Custom Fields, A/B Testing, Engagebay Branding Removed, Subdomain Support for Landing Pages, Custom Email Template Designer, Analytics, Dedicated IP from the enterprise level, 2,500 contacts, 1 GB file storage, $20 FREE emails that include 5000 emails, $4/extra 1000 emails are provided in Basic subscription which is provided for $1 for 60 days.


For kickstarting the marketing strategies and give small business a chance of success, start signing up with Engagebay marketing solution. The pricing is varied according to the updates in the market, use cases and requirements of the business. It is said that every software posses some disadvantages that may be reverted back with valuable suggestions and results. It may be the case with Engagebay, so do not let the mind distract, go through the service description they provide and consider subscriptions.