Why Firms Need to Centralize Their Data


Image Credit: Pexels

How many times have you been given the incorrect version of a spreadsheet?  Many of you could laugh at this and respond with, “Do you mean this week?”

Imagine if you had every document you needed just a click or two away.  Centralizing your data should be a priority for any firm.  Data and shared documents are critical to performing your job.  All too often, the wrong information is received. And, incomplete data makes your job more difficult.

Time is money.  And, wasting employee time trying to track down the correct version of files can is not worth the time or money.

Using technology that functions similarly to Google Sheets and Documents, are excellent ways to centralize your data.  Invited users can make edits.  And other uses can see the updates and edits in real time.

Here are a few other reasons you need to centralize your data.

Improving Efficiency

Enough cannot be said about the time waste that comes from not having your data centralized.  When data is stored on multiple servers, you first must track down where the information is being housed that you need.

You also cannot be sure if your colleagues have made changes or updated documents but saved them in a different place.  This could be devastating when you are working on time-sensitive projects.

When your data is housed internally, you have everything you could need stored in the same location.  This way you will also speed up your work, allowing you to take a more significant workload if necessary.  Clients will be much happier because they will see faster results than they would with your competitors.

Work Remotely

Depending on your firm size, you may have employees that work remotely.  When your data is centralized and cloud-based, you can work from anywhere in the world if there is an internet connection.

This is a powerful tool when you think about sharing documents and other relevant information quickly and efficiently.   When you are tethered to a desk in your firm, this significantly limits your productivity.

There is only so much work you can do from home or on travel as many of the software applications are stored only on your work computer.  Having centralized cloud-based software, will not only allow you to work remotely, but it will also speed up your work.

Speed and centralization will provide a higher level of service to your clients than your competitors.


Once you make the decision to centralize your data, work with an IT system integration professional that can help you make your transition as seamless as possible.

It is crucial if you are in a growth phase or hoping to enter one, to stay ahead of your competitors.

When you can deliver faster results to your clients, this will create additional business via referrals for you.  Your employees will be much happier and work more efficiently.  When employee production is up, your firm is not only saving money but making more money.