If you are looking for an office rental space in Dallas, TX, coworking spaces should be on the top of your mind. They provide a productive place where work can be done with prices that are easy on the wallet.

With the continuous proliferation of coworking establishments, such as Common Desk, there is one trend that we are seeing these days – hospitality in coworking. Basically, what this means is that the hospitality industry is already joining the bandwagon. They are either using coworking spaces or they are transforming their spaces into coworking offices.

In the rest of this post, we will explore some of the reasons why the merger of hospitality and coworking will be big. This will make you understand why coworking hotels will be more common in the future.

The Business Center is Dead

According to one report from USA Today, traditional business centers in hotels are no longer common. Instead, they have elevated into a different kind, and this is in the form of a coworking space. Gone were the days when you have a basic room with computers for sending emails and doing quick online research. Nowadays, travelers bring their own laptops and all they need is a conducive place to work. They look for a place with energy where they can get work done while in the hotel. For this reason, hotels have been building coworking spaces in lieu of boring business centers.

It Provides Additional Revenue

Perhaps, the best reason why hospitality businesses are joining the coworking bandwagon is the fact that it provides them with an additional income stream. This way, they will earn from both guests and non-guests. Having extra rooms to spare as a coworking space will also mean additional income. Aside from shared desks, there can also be meeting rooms for rent. Some hotels do not even have to spare a room. All that they have to do is to add desks in the lobby and they can already use this as a coworking space.

Build a Community

In one article that explores the relationships between hotels and coworking spaces, it has been shared that one of the driving forces behind the merger of the two is the desire to create a vibrant community. This way, the hotels are being able to bring together online freelancers and small business owners, among other users of coworking spaces. This community also helps in the hotel’s media coverage.


Lastly, hotels are being transformed into coworking spaces because there is a demand. There is a need, so the logical response is to provide. A lot of travelers these days work while they are on their vacation. Fortunately, there are many hotels that can now provide them with a conducive space to get work done without distractions, unlike when they have to do it in their hotel room or a crowded coffee shop.

Indeed, the businesses in the hospitality industry are slowly realizing the benefits of coworking spaces and how it can provide an additional stream of income. It is no longer surprising to find a shared office in the next hotel you will visit!