Why Instagram Is Better Than Other Social Media Platforms


With so many different yet similar social media platforms on the rise, it is often difficult to determine which is the best platform presently. But through all the rising and falling trends, we feel Instagram has held its own in terms of reaching out to its users and customers alike.

For young artists and musicians, Instagram is the best place to garner followers and kickstart their career. In the beginning, to gain credibility and traction, you can get Instagram followers and genuine likes and visits through various  trusted sites . These websites assist you in getting followers and interaction on your post, so that you can build on its basis and create a genuine fan base.

If you are interested in becoming an influencer, growing a business, or using social media as a platform to reach out to the world, Instagram is the best bet for you. Here’s why.

New features support business models fully.

Instagram has released several new features in the past few months that are highly supportive of booming businesses and brand new influencers. From Insta stories to IGTV, every feature helps you connect with an audience and brand your product or offering constructively with the targeted audience.

You can make videos, edit them professionally, and get them displayed on priority basis through Instagram itself. It is needless to say that videos and visuals are the primary medium to reach a large audience nowadays.

Visual friendly format is lucrative and engaging.

As you may have realized, it is much more pleasant to scroll through Instagram than perhaps Facebook or Twitter. It is perhaps so because Instagram focuses more on photos and videos than lengthy write-ups. Your timeline looks more interactive and visually delightful, prompting others to take a look at your posts too.

That does not mean you cannot share content on Instagram. Share it in your stories, as your posts’ caption, and also as screenshot images on your timeline. All these ways ensure your content won’t be ignored by viewers.

Community creation and marketing has been made easy.

It is much easier to create a niche community within Instagram for your posts and business. Local artists, musicians, influencers, etc., can be easily found here, along with international ones. So, whether you are looking to advertise your local business or want to reach out to a worldwide audience, Instagram will help you do both.

Instagram has more than one billion active users and is currently the most happening social media platform, so it is inevitable that you will find your business’ best fit here. With its users and relevance increasing day by day, Instagram should be a crucial part of your business strategy.

Instagram has more active buyers than any other social media platform.

Statistics say that about one-third of Instagram users have bought something off the advertisements on the platform. This is much higher than other social media platforms, so you can be assured to reach the maximum number of buyers via Instagram.

If you are an owner of a local business or subscription, Instagram will connect you to the right market and ensure that your product is a hit. If you are confused about whether to buy something you see here, you may check out the relevant reviews in trustworthy sites like Reviewsxp that give you authentic and reliable information about any and everything available to be sold.

Sharing, mentioning and adding stories has become way easier.

Instagram has made sharing others’ stories on your account way easier than it was before. Now, you don’t have to grab a screenshot; you can find the “Add Post to Your Story” option under the post and directly share it with your followers.

The share comes with a mention of the original source, thereby directing traffic back to that account. This helps garner more followers for a business. You can also make your posts and stories more attractive with different GIFs, images, decorations, and other additional sparkle.

Instagram has surpassed Facebook in popularity and is currently the most popular form of expression for teenagers and young adults. It is wise to harness its advantages for increasing followers, spreading word about a cause, or starting a local or online business. Try your luck and let us know your story too!