Saying that running a business is hard is really an understatement. You have to wear many hats, as you keep the expenses in check, supervise the workforce, identify the leakages in the cashflow, meet with vendors and clients, and go about a number of other responsibilities like these on a daily basis. However, with success and growth at the center of your focus, it’s easy to lose sight of an important aspect of every business – branding!

You can set up a business in a day. However, branding takes continued efforts until the goals are achieved. The question is- what does it take it to create a solid brand?

  1. Understand Your Customers

You can’t create a brand without taking a closer look at your customers. After all, a brand is about the customers.

What you need to ask yourself is what your target audience is like. Is it young teenagers who are attracted towards bold apparels, or working professionals who want premium quality formal clothing? How much money can they afford to spend? Are they based in your home country or put up globally? Answers to questions like these will help you create the ideal brand that resonates with your customers and actually gets sales.

  1. Create a Professional Logo

A brand is recognized by its logo. However, you can’t expect results with just any kind of logo or when it isn’t up to the mark or looks dated/dull. What you need is a creative, appealing, and premium-quality logo that aptly portrays your brand’s fundamental ideologies and strikes a chord with the target demographic.

You also need to ask yourself certain questions that help with the design process like- Do I want a lettermark logo or wordmark logo? Does my brand speak red-green or blue-black?

One of the most affordable and fastest ways to create professional logos today is to use a logo maker design tool, when compared to professional graphics designers and branding agencies, these options are far cheaper and convenient.

  1. Check What Your Competitors are Doing

You have to understand that in the game of business, you aren’t the only player in the arena. So, you need to look around to identify your top competitors and see what they are doing differently. In many ways, you can learn from their mistakes. You can also take inspiration from the things they are doing right.

Analysing your competitors can help you create a powerful brand as you can work on ideas that make it stand out. You can use competitor analysis tools to get insights.

You can take note of the things that are common with the majority of existing brands and then add a fresh or creative element to your own. With originality, you can easily capture new leads and grow business faster than ever.

  1. Promote all the Way

Once your brand is created, you need to get the word out and create a positive brand image. For starters, you must first learn how to promote your brand the right way.  You should also customize your social media banners, business cards, presentation slides used for clients, etc. with your company logo and theme.

The following are some of the items that should be on your brand promotion checklist:

  • Search engine Optimization: Improves web visibility and drive organic traffic
  • Company Blog: Spreads brand and product awareness
  • Active Social Media Presence: Your customers find it more convenient to offer feedback and raise complaints on your social media handles. Plus, social media can serve as a focus group for your brand
  • Local Listing Services: Incredibly useful when target demographic is largely local
  1. Be Consistent

Your brand must maintain consistency across all the platforms that you are on. These include print media, digital ads, website, blogs, social media accounts, etc. The colors of the logo, the subjects that the brand is mainly associated with, the philosophy, mission statement, etc. should be the same everywhere.

When there is uniformity, it’s easier for the people to recognize the brand no matter what platform or format it’s available in. It’s one of the keys to powerful and timeless branding.


In today’s competitive industry, branding isn’t just an option anymore. You need it for your business to survive really, and also to set yourself apart from your rivals and show that you are in the game to make a difference. With a brand that’s both lovable and reliable, you can actually make your customers proud for being your patrons.