Why is having a fast site so important?


A recent study by scientists has shown that only two parameters are advanced to the main user quality criteria for sites and applications – speed and convenience. Unfortunately, users are often forced to come across resources that do not meet their expectations in terms of page load speed. 

Page loading speed – as a determining criterion for selection

Every year, the attitude to Internet resources is rapidly changing in the world. And if earlier users thought about “Whose online store is better”, now this question can be reformulated and it will look like “Whose online store is the best now”. This trend is due to the fact that everything in the e-commerce world is changing rapidly, and in order to run a successful online business, you need to follow the current trends.

Today’s consumers are setting ever higher benchmarks for website loading speed. Almost 35% of all surveyed respondents are sure that the optimal page load speed should be no more than one second. At the same time, about 20% of the respondents are sure that the download should be instant at all.

However, many resources do not meet these requirements, but this does not mean that there is no need to strive for this. In 2021, it is imperative to have a website with fast-loading pages that will take no more than 3 seconds. And if your current figure does not correspond to these values, then your business suffers losses due to lost customers. 

If visitors are unhappy with the speed of loading pages on a site, then the damage can be much more significant than at first glance. According to statistics, 61% of users who visit a site with a low page load speed, leave it and go to competitors. What is more, 45% of people never return to a site with slow loading speeds again. Nevertheless, it’s never going to happen if you speed up magento 2 store.

How to improve website loading speed?

If you notice that your website is too slow, then you can always fix it using proven methods. Such as magento 2 speed optimization as well as the next ones:

  • check installed third-party extensions;
  • review server requirements and configurations;
  • set up a content delivery network;
  • optimize images.

In order to increase the speed of the site, first of all, you need to check all installed third-party apps. Some of them can significantly slow down the performance of your resource. In this case, it is best to disable or even remove such an extension until it is optimized.

The performance of any site is highly dependent on the server. Fast loading of the site is simply impossible without a stable and well-functioning server. Do not save money on a hosting provider, because the success of your business will depend on this choice.

Configure a distributed network services system that is responsible for delivering content to end-users based on their location. This will have a positive effect on the speed of loading web pages for users.

Any e-commerce website contains a large number of various banners and images that are placed to display products and attract users. The performance of a web resource can suffer from the abundance of images. Therefore, for faster page loading and less data usage, you need to use compressed images.