Why Is Real Time Transcription Important?


Real time transcription really is so important. It gives you an instant draft of any conversation and this is especially useful if you are a courtroom reporter. It allows all parties to read a written copy of the words that have been spoken and it can also offer a ton of strategical advantages too. If you want to find out more about that then take a look below.


The best thing about real time transcription is that it gives every party involved real-time access. It also ensures that everyone has the same transcript, and at times the documents are even searchable too. This gives an attorney the chance to pull out key words or phrases at any time. This is much more efficient and convenient when compared to an audio file and it also allows larger amounts of information to be processed at once.

Objection to Form

Real-time transcription is also useful for attorneys if a question has been cited as being an “objection to form”. It gives them the chance to look at what has been said so that the question can be rephrased without changing the meaning. An attorney can also mark notes on the sheet without it affecting the real time transcription that other people are given, and this can be useful in a lot of different situations.

Instant Transcriptions

When you have a transcription that is being constructed in real time, it gives attorneys who are not present at the courtroom the chance to immediately act without having to wait for the information to be transcribed. This is especially useful in the case of litigation. Of course, when it comes to instant transcriptions, it’s important to note that a high level of accuracy is always required because even the smallest change in information could have a huge impact.


Another bonus of real-time transcription is that it can easily change the outcome of a case. This ultimately means that it can be corrected in real-time and in the end, you will have a much more accurate transcript. Normally you wouldn’t have the option to do this because you would have to wait for a transcriptionist to process the audiotape and you would also need to wait for them to deliver the file back to you as well. All of this could take up additional time and it could also make it much harder for people to find out the information they need regarding the case.

Of course, all of this information is designed to show you how important real-time transcription is. If you have never thought about utilising it for your law business, then now is most certainly the time for you to make a change. It’s easier than ever for you to hire a professional real-time transcriptionist and when you have one working for your business, you’ll soon be able to reap the benefits like never before. If you have any questions, then your transcription company should be able to answer them all for you without any problems at all.