Why Joomla is a Great Choice for Small Business Websites


Joomla is a platform that provides both front-end and back-end interface which is why many organizations prefer it. For any budget-friendly startup organization, nothing can be more reasonable than deciding on the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) structure that offers a decent substitute for costly web designing and developing services. Joomla was proposed because of one vital capacity content management and hence, it is a decent decision for creating user-friendly and budget-friendly sites for new companies. This structure usually works on a template framework, which lets the clients to effectively put their content and the site encompasses the content around it consequently.

At the display, there are different CMS preferences accessible in the market, so what settles on Joomla a useful decision for making reasonable sites over others? It is an open source that supports various languages and enables the designers to create websites with least endeavors. Many of the web designing issues were taken away by picking Joomla CMS since it comes stacked with different extensions and components required for building and developing amazing sites. For those choosing Joomla as a CMS, Joomla hosting is the best for startups.

Here is a prepared rundown of some critical advantages of Joomla that makes it an ideal determination for creating user-friendly websites:

  1. Cheapest

Small business owners usually concern about the cost. This cost-effective CMS-Joomla is one that suits them perfectly. It provides fully-loaded features and extensions that are used without any technical experiences. There are many templates available with Joomla that are integrated with rich feature extensions.

Both front-end and back-end interfaces are taken care by the Joomla CMS, so the small business owners has to invest less amount in other areas of development since every company is embedded with a website that particularly requires content management.

  1. It’s a framework too

Joomla is not only a CMS but it is a framework. It is not known by many of the web developers that it is a PHP framework where CMS is developed. Actually, the name itself refers to 2 different products. The framework is a collection of packages and useful libraries that are known preferably from the Joomla CMS.

When running any large scale database projects, Joomla is one of the best for creating their command-line tools. The Joomla CMS is mostly useful for job schedulers, because their services, and 3rd-party integration is built using the Joomla framework.

  1. Trustworthy

As Joomla is available free, the users can create websites that cater to the business needs and the requirement to generate profit accordingly. This determines that they should have a secure and stable website for content management.

It is tested and trusted by many of the non-profit organizations or small businesses. Many of them rely on their websites for content management by Joomla to ensure perfect and reliable services ahead.

  1. Accessibility

Joomla CMS is a platform which doesn’t require any technical experience in building a website. For those who don’t know any HTML coding language can also create and develop a website using Joomla CMS. It has become a popular choice for many startup businesses. All they have to do is to install Joomla CMS and produce the website live over the internet.

This is happening so easy because of Joomla’s accessibility. Even if there is no knowledge on web development, only effort to put forward is redirecting or preparing the website to live.

  1. Easy shopping cart

With many Joomla extensions available, it is used by many small business to sell their products through their website. Because every aspect of online shopping or eCommerce management is accomplished by Joomla.

It can handle all the process involved in creating a store online. These processes include products, categories, payments, pricing and many other intermediate processes that can be managed by the Joomla CMS. So, it is suggested for those small-scale organizations who start their business with a few products and services.

  1. It is a community

Besides, Joomla a framework or CMS, it is a community which is uniquely knowledgeable and passionate. Many meetings that happened in recent days concluded that Joomla is a platform that brings together the social aspect and knowledge and hence ensures the work to be effective within the clicks.

It is also said by many individuals that it is a great place for sharing and learning more knowledge and everyone who uses Joomla CMS should definitely contribute to Joomla’s success.

  1. Easy Transferring

Joomla allows any individual to transfer their website to another developer without any technical problem. It is also easy to transfer efficiently the Joomla website from one server to another. It means that if any technical issue has happened with Joomla server then it can be exported to another server without any intervention.

This makes any business owner to flexibly experiment their website on another server that is developed on the Joomla interface.

  1. Maintenance free

Any Joomla website doesn’t require loads of maintenance, they are popular in having low-maintenance. But they have to be regularly maintained for every 3 months to make sure that everything is going fine. There is no any highest authority to check their maintenance. Small business owners who take up the responsibility of Joomla account should take care of its maintenance.


Joomla is suitable for any projects and is scalable to work with various sized websites. So for the beginners, it becomes comfortable to use Joomla. For those small businesses who start their business from scratch can easily visit joomla.org website for latest versions. From there it is easy to pick the right template that fits their business and start Joomla CMS.