Why Should You Let EPOS Take Over Your Restaurant Management?


Food businesses have been going online for the last six years at least. Ever since smartphones became a mainstream utility device, there have been apps and websites that are ready to deliver food right to your doorstep at the drop of a hat. Now, we see restaurants in Japan as well as Pizza Huts in the USA adopting smartphone technology to accept orders and payments using EPOS systems. It eliminates the room for error, and it does improve the quality of customer service as well.

There may be rumours about humanoids taking over the restaurant business, but that day is not coming anytime soon. iPad order kiosks, Facebook ordering, Zomato ordering, digital menu boards and tabletop e-waiters have been around for at least a couple of years now. What restaurants need more is the digitisation of their backend processes. It will increase their precision food delivery and customer servicing quality manifold.

Standard features of PoS for hospitality industries

EPOS of electronic point of sales systems are not the monopoly of restaurants. However, restaurant businesses might be the ones to benefit the most from this system. Initially, it was all about smoothening out the kinks in the payment processes. It was nothing but just an electronic method of paying for goods and services at super markets and diners. Now, they have evolved into quite the multifaceted software system that includes features such as –

  • Improving the business model
  • Real-time update of the inventory
  • Retrieval of information at the drop of a hat
  • Maintaining a secure payment system
  • Keeping the business records connected to the data storage cloud
  • Managing secure access points to the cloud from the company website
  • Providing accurate menu boards and pricing information
  • Providing a clean sales track record and taxes

Benefits of using an EPOS

Many businesses still refrain from giving the control over to a non-human entity, which will have complete access to all the company data and consumer data. It is a huge concern for many restaurant owners, who have been in the business for tens of years. Human beings are prone to errors. One error in the calculation of stock or sales can lead to a massive hotchpotch of the final number, and old timers are not a stranger to such mistakes. Employing a software to do the calculation and tallies for you, is adding a layer of security to the accounts and management process that is the lifeblood of your restaurant business. Here is a collection of long-term benefits of using EPOS systems, we have compiled just for you –

  • Always enjoy correct pricing
  • Ensure niftier transactions for C2B and B2B
  • Improvement in data storage and data integrity
  • Sales reporting becomes so much easier with an EPOS on board
  • You can always see a real-time updated inventory
  • Kitchen management is a bliss with the new and improved restaurant EPOS software UK

Customization is always the key to successful management

You may be wondering, how it is possible for a myriad of businesses to use EPOS systems from the same sources and yet achieve different results. The secret is in its flexibility. You can get your own EPOS designed from scratch, or you can get a software and modify it according to your needs. It is an integral part of multichannel retailing, which offers all the benefits above and more, for all businesses currently using them. The EPOS you will be using will be entirely different from the EPOS a fashion house may employ. If you are a gourmet restaurant, your PoS software will be completely different from a franchise’s PoS software.

How to get a good EPOS?

Most of the bar and restaurant software solutions online are ready to use. It is a good idea to check what services they offer and to compare at least 3-4 of them before you buy/commission one. You should also speak about maintenance services. Running a new software may leave your chefs fidgeting with their new touchscreens more than working the grills. Go for one that guarantees management of weekend rush and on-site service 24*7. You need a reliable reservation system along with a real-time inventory and the internet.

Creating a great kitchen environment

A good restaurant is one that has a properly managed kitchen. Now, kitchen management is something not all restaurant owners understand. Sometimes, it becomes the sole responsibility of the head chef to handle the inventory, pantry, grills and bus station. That is clearly a lot for a single person. A good EPOS software can take half the responsibility off the hands of the head chef and maître d. It promises better food and better service at both the backend and the frontend of a restaurant.

Managing the bar

If you have a bar, the changing prices of liquor are likely keeping you and the bartender on your toes. An able EPOS can estimate the alcohol prices and give you the average selling price that will keep your customers and your restaurant revenue happier than before. You can even manage the stock of your premium liquor with the help of software that can tally the amount sold with the number in stock. There is nothing more a bar cum restaurant can need, once they have a good management software in place that takes care of the stock, prices, sales and revenue.

Dealing with fraud

Employee theft is something no restaurant wants to deal with. However, it does happen from time to time, especially if you have no way to tally your inventory to your sales. A great EPOS can bridge this gap for you and make sure that all your raw materials are going to right use. It creates a healthy working environment, boosts trust, and that shows in the customer service in the frontend of the business. An excellent management software can ensure that no one is committing a fraud, while you are out trying to manage a business that relies on the talent of your employees and the loyalty of your customers.

You will make noticeable savings, increase both customer and employee satisfaction levels and boost your business by choosing a custom EPOS solution for restaurant management. It is a choice for start-ups, small businesses and larger corporations alike, who want to stay in touch with technological reality and business profits today.