It is a fact that Macs are less targeted by hackers in comparison to other operating systems. But does that mean that they are much more secure? Not exactly, as much as you may believe in this statement. Macs also get virus invasions and they are as likely as in any other type of system. Here we will discuss why Macs are not necessarily more secure than any other PC’s.

Why are PCs targeted more?

More people opt for a Windows PC than they do for a Mac. Seems obvious that it would be better to target them as chances of getting valuable information would be higher in this case. Users of Macs are fewer and therefore it is a given that there would be no point wasting time on them. This has nothing to do with the fact that Macs are made to be much more secure in comparison to a traditional PC. However, if you have installed Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, then you know that you will be able to keep virus attacks away

Macs also get infected

Truth is that both Macs and Windows PC’s are becoming more vulnerable to hacker attacks. Nowadays hackers are doing all they can to cast the widest possible net, and there are some facts that you must keep in mind while using a Mac computer.

  • Macs get viruses too – Though there have been fewer attacks on Macs overall, it is not as if they are truly protected. In fact the Trojan viruses affected hundreds of thousands of Mac users and there are more that are going to be hit again.
  • Mac’s security system can be breached– Officially Apple’s security system, Gatekeeper, is one of the main security features on a Mac. Still, researchers managed to bypass it and steal user information, which shows it is not infallible.
  • Macs are not immune to web threats– Using a Mac does not make you immune to any kind of web threats that may occur. If you open a phishing email and install the wrong software the virus would get installed and there is no way this can be averted.

How can you keep your Mac safe?

The above points clearly reveal that Macs are not safe by default and protection is needed if you don’t want security breaches to happen. The following steps can be taken to ensure this.

  • Installing antivirus software-You can install a reputed antivirus software like Bitdefender to keep the virus attacks away from your Mac.
  • Keep up with the updates– Your Mac has regular updates coming up and their main purpose is to fix any kind of vulnerabilities. If you have an update pending do it immediately as that keeps your Mac protected.
  • Train your staff– In case you have a team that handles Macs it is better you make them aware of any security threats. Training them to not download anything suspicious is one way to keep the hackers away.
  • Get an IT partner– Lastly, you can join hands with a company that provides technical support in case a virus attack happens. By doing that you ensure that if you are in the midst of such a situation, quick relief is given thus minimizing loss.


Saying that Macs are safer than PCs is a big fallacy, which no one should believe. Truth is that in nowadays any kind of PC can be invaded and if you want to stay safe you must take security measures. Just by buying a Mac you cannot expect to keep the hackers at bay as they know all the tricks and methods to intrude. It is better to buy antivirus software that can do a deep cleanon your system and make your Mac a pleasure to use.