Why Mobile Apps Have Become Indispensable

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Mobile app development industry is booming right now and the trend may not change anytime soon. This is because mobile app developers are busy churning out apps for different purposes. There is virtually no sector of life where mobile apps are not being used. Some of the applications of mobile apps have been outlined below.


Banks now hire top app developers to work in the app development arm of their business to develop and continuously update their mobile apps. There are some bank transactions you can do on their app without going to any banking hall. You can transfer funds, pay utility bills, check your account balance and even verify certain deposits through the mobile app of your bank.

It is a win-win situation for the bank and their customers. The bank makes money via some of those transactions as they are not free. This is where they recoup the money they paid to their app developers India. Another benefit for banks is that it reduces the number of customers that will visit the banking hall. This also can be linked to financial benefit as less customers means less staff.

On the other hand, the customers benefit from the convenience. You can carry out any of those transactions anytime of the day and anywhere without going to the bank. There is nothing as attractive as convenience.


This is the commonest application of mobile apps as there are millions of game apps and more are being developed. There are different categories of games. However, some game apps are more successful than others. Some games are more challenging and engaging while some are quite boring. Some games are great but were not well optimized or publicized so a lot of people are not aware of their existence.

The gaming industry is the largest user of mobile apps. In fact, the number of apps on any given mobile device is incomplete without a couple of interesting game apps.

Home Appliances

It has become a new trend for every home appliance to come with its mobile app. New refrigerators, TV sets, microwave ovens, air conditioning units and lawn mowers now come with their mobile app. The major advantage of this is that you can control these appliances even when you are not at home.

Take microwave oven for instance. You can put the food you intend to eat when you get back inside the microwave. So, when it remains just 10 minutes for you to get home, you can switch on the microwave oven and set the timer to about 10 minutes. That way, you won’t have to wait any further when you get home.

You can also switch on the TV set and air conditioning unit when your kids are back home. In fact, you can program them to automatically come on at a particular time. You can also set the TV station you want your kids to watch. All these can be done from your mobile device even when you are not at home.


No matter what business you are doing, you are either selling a service or selling some products or both. Mobile apps boost business in many ways. First of all, it boosts sales as customers will order your products and services with so much ease or convenience.

Mobile apps make it easy for you to be in constant touch with your customers. You can send a message or survey to all of them at once and you are sure of instant receipt. You can cash in on this functionality to advertise new products, new services and promo offers to your customers.

Every mobile app has a function called the analytics. This function gives a daily statistics that are used to monitor sales. It gives the total number of users that visited the app, the total number of orders on every product and service. It also gives the number of views on each product and service. All these reports are given on a daily basis. Once the number of orders on a particular product begins to reduce, investigation should be launched to find out why and corrective measure should be taken. Analytics gives many more daily reports apart from the ones listed above. The function helps to monitor your sales.

When companies post their products on physical billboards, it is for passers-by to see the adverts. The icon of a mobile app also does the same. Users get to see the icon each time they navigate through their mobile devices. You can imagine how many times each user navigates through their phone in a day.

Mobile apps can also be used to reinforce your brand and increase your popularity. This can be done by integrating popular social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter) into your mobile app so that users can easily share your posts. All you have to do is to include some humor in all your posts so that the recipients will laugh and share every post with their friends. The more your posts are shared, the more the popularity of your brand soars higher. This means more traffic, more sales and larger bottom line for your company.


A lot of contemporary security systems now work with mobile apps. When there is any intrusion in any of your properties. You will be notified through the mobile app. It does not matter where you are, you will get a quick alert. This will enable you take necessary actions immediately.

Online Casinos

Virtually all online casino games now have mobile apps. This will enable you play any game of your choice on the go. All you have to do is to download the mobile app of your favorite casino and you can be playing any of the games from the comfort of your house. Mobile app brings nothing but convenience.


All media houses now have their mobile apps. Their news subscribers only need to download their mobile apps and they get updated on different kinds of news as they are broken. This makes journalism faster and better as many important pieces of news are now circulated faster. It is a welcome initiative even though it has led to a drastic drop in the sales of physical newspaper.


There are several apps meant for chatting now. The most popular one is WhatsApp as it has the largest number of users right now. There are other ones too. WhatsApp and other chatting apps have almost phased out the use of SMS in so many countries. In fact, WhatsApp is so popular that new mobile devices now come with a pre-installed WhatsApp app.

Miscellaneous Apps

There are several other apps for different purposes. There are mobile apps for file management and there are keyboard apps for typing just to mention a few. Since Indian app developers are still churning out apps, more mobile apps should be expected.