Why Online Brand Monitoring Matters


84% of people perceive online reviews to be as trustworthy as in-person recommendations, according to Inc. As a result, in a world where people share every detail that they find online, any review concerning your business can easily spread like wildfire. Once a person tells a friend about your business, the chances are that they will tell someone else.

What happens if the information being circulated online is wrong? What if a malicious competitor tries to soil your brand’s identity? With online brand monitoring, identifying such simple issues can be quite easy.

Here is why online brand monitoring matters:

Reputation Management

Though intangible, your business’s reputation is one asset that should never be taken for granted. It draws the line between a potential customer and a conversion. While you might have worked hard to build the right reputation for your business, failing to respond to negative and positive reviews can be detrimental to the health of your business.

Responding to negative reviews will easily help you incorporate changes into your services that will improve customer satisfaction rates as well as right any wrong perception of your brand. Responding to positive reviews, on the flip side, will help customers recognize your presence. In the case of malicious intent in the form of reviews, working with businesses that provide online brand protection services can help you circumvent any case of defamation.

Customer Engagement

If your brand is flourishing, people will talk about it online. The more visibility you have on your brand’s engagement rates, the easier it will be to identify the ROI of your marketing strategies. Sadly, most people will not tag a company directly when talking about it on social media.

Instead, most will use hashtags or even mention your brand name, but this is still part of customer engagement. With online brand monitoring, it becomes easy to gauge the ROI of your marketing campaigns using such social mentions. This can be quite pivotal in deciding to either use more money on a strategy or simply dessert it.

Competitor Analysis

With the current transparency of the 21st century online world, it can be quite easy to assess the brand reputation of your competitors. In some cases, they will have unhappy customers. Why not turn these customers into your own through covering the gaps of your competitors?

In the same manner that you gauge the reputation of your brand, you can also assess that of your competition. Identifying negative reviews, mentions on blogs, or even brand boycotts can be pivotal in gaining the bigger market share. Furthermore, such an analysis can easily help unearth any acts of malice by the competition with the aim of bringing your brand down.

Content Sourcing

Creating a brand story is a great way to craft your reputation. What better way is there to do so than through content marketing? Luckily, you can easily find ideas to work with all over the internet, from customer complaints on different product aspects to even promotions that can help increase sales and engagement.

Choosing to focus on online brand monitoring will help you monitor content from different websites, blogs, and social platforms. The more details you can uncover, the easier it will be to improve the perception of your brand through storytelling. In some cases, you can even unearth a content marketing angle that will help attract a different demographic to your organization.


Monitoring your brand online can help you keep away from a PR crisis, understand your reputation, and gauge the mindset of your customer. While this might be a dream for the typical marketer, it surely helps create the right reputation for your brand. Focus on online brand monitoring to enjoy the above and more perks.