Why Opt for a Tablet Instead of a Smartphone or Laptop


Tablet Instead of a Smartphone or Laptop

The use of laptops was popularized when people realized that this was more efficient compared to desktops when it comes to portability. Then came new inventions like tablets and smartphones. This revolutionized the way people communicate with each other and also added the benefit of being able to do work functions even if they were away from their computers. When it comes to functionality, you seem to better off purchasing a tablet instead of a laptop or a smartphone. Here’s how tablets are more practical than smartphones and laptops.

 Laptops Offer Portability

Even the smallest of laptops are still heavy to carry around. You will need to have a special bag just so this would be protected. What if you go to your office by way of walking? Even if you used a backpack, the added weight can still be cumbersome. With a tablet, this is not so much of a worry. You can just easily stash it in your cute bag. Even the biggest models are not as heavy as laptops. Apple in particular are producing very light tablets.

 You Can Store More Data Using Your Tablet

Tablets are like the big replicas of smartphones. However, when it comes to data storage, tablets are more capable. Do you like to store lots of pictures? Media files like these along with mp3’s and videos take up a lot of storage space. It may not be better than your laptop but it definitely is better compared to smartphones on this area. Even applications for business use like VoIP applications such as Ring Central services take up a lot of space. What if you needed more than one business application to do your tasks? When you cram your smartphone with these different types of applications, this could result to decreased performance because of limited data storage space. Imagine working on a very important file that needed to be sent to your boss right away and then you are suddenly gotstuck because your smartphone suddenly lagged.

You Can Work Even If You are Inside a Vehicle

What if you travelled a lot and needed to work while you are inside the plane or a car? With a laptop, you need to have a stable flat surface so that this will not move from side to side.This is certainly not ideal since you may be distracted from the unnecessary movement. When you will be using a smartphone, you would need to struggle typing on the small screen. With a tablet, this task is made easier since you can just easily hold the tablet with your hands and easily tap on the letters on the screen without the restriction of a small keypad.

 Great Battery Life

The problem with smartphones today is its limitation with its battery life. If you will be using this heavily every single day, you would need to charge after how many hours. Tablets have bigger batteries and these could last longer. The same can be said about the batteries of laptops. What if you needed to have work done but you are stuck in a coffee shop because your acquaintance failed to come on time?

 It’s Combines Some of the Features of Laptops and Smartphones

There are some things that you can do with the use of laptops that you will never be able to accomplish simply by using a smartphone. The tablet is a breed that captures some of the features of laptops with the added benefit of having the features of a smartphone as well. You can use your laptop to edit or create business files and a smartphone is mainly used for communication purposes. Tablets can function as a computer and a communication tool, as well.

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