Pay Per Click (also known as PPC) Advertising is a type of service in which you only pay for advertising costs when a person clicks on your ad. Essentially, the more effective your ad is, the more you pay. Search engines like Google and Bing offer this kind of advertising as well as social sites like Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great way to get your business in front of the people who matter, and you only pay for the results it creates.

This might seem like something only for the big leagues to take advantage of. However, PPC advertising is crucial for small, local businesses to gain exposure and build a client base. Through proper planning and budget control, local businesses can make the most out of pay per click advertising without draining their pockets.

Let’s see just why pay per click advertising is so essential for small businesses!

  1. It Works Quickly

Unlike traditional media in print, radio, or television, digital media works fast. There’s no lead time to wait on – you simply decide when you are ready to advertise, and it can happen almost instantaneously. No matter when the need strikes you to advertise, whether it’s a weekend, in the dead of night, or first thing on a Monday morning, PPC advertising is always available.

Not only is it quick to get a PPC ad up and running, it also begins to work quickly. People will immediately begin to see your ad, having the opportunity to click on it. The customers will begin to stream in with every click of the ad, no long wait times necessary.

  1. You Can Access Exactly Who You Want To

With PPC ads, you can create your own ideal target audience. With local businesses, this is an irreplaceable aspect of PPC. This kind of advertising allows you to tailor who will see your ad by geographical data, demographics, and sometimes psychographics. Only people who are actually potential customers will be seeing it, creating more lasting impact and not wasting space or time on viewers who don’t matter to your ROI.

  1. It’s Great for Websites That Don’t Rank Well

One weakness of local small businesses is that their websites don’t always rank the best on search engines, so people may not find them easily. PPC ads can help your site jump up in the rankings because more and more people will be drawn to your site, raising its SEO potential. So not only are you reaching the people you want, you’re also gaining more access to continue reaching those people through their Google searches later on.

  1. The Results Are Measurable

PPC advertising gives an absolute wealth of information regarding the people who are interested in your ad and its effectiveness at reaching your target audience. With most PPC, you’re able to see who was clicking, what exactly they were most interested in, and perhaps when or why they decided they were no longer interested and left the site.

You can compare these results of different ads to see which worked better and why, improving your advertising strategy as you go. Important analytics like profitability, click through rates and ROI are also readily available with this kind of ad.

  1. It Works on a Budget

Most small local businesses don’t have a crazy advertising or marketing budget available to them. They are more focused on selling products or services and keeping their personal investment and risk low. Finding exposure for a small bakery or marketing services for plumbers may seem out of reach or out of the realm of possibility, but it doesn’t have to be. With PPC, you can set your own budget ahead of time, so the ad will only run until you hit your target number of clicks that you are already prepared to pay for.

If you find you’re reaching your goal rather quickly and want to keep building on your profitability, you can continue running the ad or create more ads. PPC can work for any kind of budget.