It feels like someone is continually trying to proclaim that the entire print industry is on its last legs.  It is understandable why some short-sighted people are making this ridiculous claim.  Certainly, switching to digital options does have many of the same benefits as print marketing. However, there are things that print offers that digital simply can’t provide.  Companies like Midas Marketing, have researched the differences between print and digital marketing.  These following reasons are some of the main ones why there will always be a need for print marketing.

Print Is for Everyone

Most consumers in any modern community tend to forget the simple fact that not everyone has access to the internet.  Printed items, on the other hand, are egalitarian.  They are the medium of the masses because everyone can see them, read them or appreciate the design qualities.  It is a simple fact that people always seem to forget.

Forces Consumers to Make a Decision

It might not seem like a big deal on the surface, but making a consumer decide if they wish to look at a piece of mail or business card will pave the way for a seed to be planted in the consumer’s mind.  The customer will be forced to decide from the very start if they will interact with the printed marketing.

They may toss it out, but they probably will have still taken a look at a piece of mail before it gets tossed.  If they decide to keep something for later, they have made a decision to investigate the matter further albeit at a later date.  It doesn’t really make a difference what the decision is because the mind will remember some of the information that was on the printed material.

Tactile Delight

Of all the senses, none might be more memorable than the sense of touch.  The reason why most people prefer a paperback novel over an eBook mostly boils down to the pleasure of holding it in your hand.  Feeling the smooth pages of a brand-new catalogue or noticing the weight of a brochure made from heavy stock paper, there is something about the way printed materials feel in your hands that can never be replicated with digital marketing.

There is also some scientific evidence that people tend to remember things better when there are more senses involved during the initial exposure to something.  The weight, feel, and even the smell of the paper on which things are printed all contribute to the way consumers remember products.  Digital marketing on the other hand might be highly visual, but it is sterile in every other way, and that in turn makes it less memorable than printed material.

The Permanence of Print

Is there anything more annoying that seeing a banner ad that piques your interest only to jump to another page and back again only to find that the ad is long gone, never to be seen again?  While this is a regular occurrence with digital marketing, it isn’t an issue with print.  Printed materials will last for as long as you wish to keep them around.

Even better is when a company decides to market a product with a gadget like a pen that is printed with the logo of the business.  Not only is there a moment of brand recognition every time that pen is used, but whenever a consumer looks to grab a pen, there is a reminder even if that pen isn’t chosen.

Also, people tend to keep pens even when they run out of ink for some odd reason, so it is possible that one printed piece of advertising could last for several years.  A banner ad on the other hand might last 30 seconds before the consumer moves on to another page.

Any company that wishes to have an effective marketing strategy will need to use printed materials at some point.  Because of this, there will always be a need for print marketing no matter how ubiquitous digital platforms become.