Why Product Packaging Design Is Crucial for Your Business


If you hope to have a successful product in today’s ultra-competitive consumer environment, it often pays to think outside the box. Or, more specifically, on the box itself.

The benefits of an attractive packaging design are undeniable. A recent study concluded that 72% of consumers agree that packaging design can influence their decision to purchase a product.

With this in mind, we present you with 5 ways packaging design can benefit your business.

First impressions

Whether receiving a product from an online store or shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar location, chances are the first thing a customer will notice about your product is the packaging. In this regard, making a good first impression is extremely important.

Moreover, when a product’s packaging successfully grabs the consumer’s attention, the likelihood that they will decide to purchase it over a competitor’s product increases. Truly original packaging also has a much higher chance of being shared on social media, which will significantly increase your product’s level of exposure.

Brand awareness

Getting your product exposed to the right people is one thing, but you also want to create a memorable experience that will promote brand awareness. Packaging can do wonders for brand recognition, since shoppers will be more likely to remember a brand with a clearly visible logo, unique font and color scheme on every package.

Be warned, however, that once you have an established brand identity, you should avoid the temptation to modify your distinct logo or style. Research has shown that changing brand consistency tends to generate a negative reaction from your loyal customers.

Guaranteed protection

What’s worse than hearing a customer complain about a product that was received in poor condition? Not only does this reflect poorly on your business, it can become costly when you have to replace several products on a regular basis.

Fortunately, custom packaging solutions are available to ensure maximum protection when shipping your products. Specially designed protective packaging will give you the peace of mind that your products won’t be damaged during transit.


Standing out from the competition is essential if you hope to surpass them in sales. Packaging and custom boxes can be great tools to help you differentiate yourself from competitors, especially if you operate in a particularly aggressive market.

Here are few quick tips you can use to gain a competitive edge:

  • Use eco-friendly packaging
  • Include words that stir emotions
  • Make your packaging reusable
  • Experiment with different high-quality materials
  • Opt for an elegant minimalist design
  • Deliver a memorable unboxing experience

Perceived value

Well-designed product packaging is a fantastic way to increase your product’s perceived value. When you successfully charm a customer with a cleverly designed packaging that evokes a certain emotion, that customer will be more likely ascribe a higher value to your product.

In other words, attractive product packaging essentially allows you to offer your products at a higher price point without causing consumers to interpret them as being overpriced. This a great way to increase your profit without having to necessarily increase sales.


As you can undoubtedly see, packaging design makes a huge difference for any business. If you want your next product launch to be a foolproof success, spend some time creating a gorgeous package that will grab attention. You won’t be disappointed!