Why Should Businesses Consider a PBX Exchange?


Where it used to be that it was rare to hear about a business using a PBX exchange, this is no longer the case. Today it seems as though businesses of all sizes, even small start-ups, are looking into the advantages of using a PBX exchange over the traditional telecom options. As for what has changed the shift in how businesses are seeing PBX’s, well there are a number of factors in play.

Here we’ll take a look at the top benefits to using a PBX exchange.

Defining a PBX Exchange

Perhaps you’re feeling a little lost, maybe you’ve heard of a PBX but aren’t entirely sure of what it is. As explained by VirtualHostedPBX.net, a PBX is a Private Branch Exchange telephone exchange. This PBX is found in a private organization and it gives users a list of functions and features through a central office, or a CO as it is known.

Once set up, it allows for intercommunications inside a company. This means employees can reach each other by telephone using their own internal system. They can also route calls internally. Of course, it also allows for outside calls using the PSTN, which is the public telephone network. The CO just connects to the PSTN when needed.

Reduce the Costs

One of the big reasons that businesses are looking into PBX options is that it can offer a rather substantial cost-saving. Staff will be sharing the same outside phone lines for placing calls outside of the organization. What this means for businesses is that they don’t need as many lines, which also means they will pay much less overall. Obviously this is great for large businesses, but also small ones who are looking for ways to reduce costs.

Also on the topic of costs, these PBX options feature a one-time cost rather than monthly fees. This can make it cheaper overall and easier to budget.  You’ll also find that if you opt for a shared PBX your fees will be as much as 70% cheaper than an on-site PBX – something that makes a lot of sense to startup companies.

Allow Staff to Communicate Quickly and Easily

This next advantage is meant for businesses that occupy a lot of floor space, possibly multi-levels, and where staff need to be able to communicate with one another. Instead of sending emails and waiting for a response, or worse yet, walking back and forth to various departments, these internal phone lines allow staff to connect with each other instantly. This can help to keep the work flowing smoothly and without issues.

If you have staff who work internationally, a PBX also makes sense, as you can save as much as 90% by using a PBX system for phone calls as opposed to the traditional phone lines.  For startups and companies who deal internationally, a PBX is a great option.

A Whole Variety of Features

Typically these PBX systems also come equipped with a large variety of features. This could be a huge bonus for businesses that require these sorts of options. As well, these systems are upgradeable, so if you want to make changes, it’s possible. Businesses grow, shrink, and change, so knowing the system is upgradeable is a big feature.

Worth Considering

With such a variety of features, cost-savings, and conveniences offered it really comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are looking into a PBX system for their office. Where it used to be only the large businesses that saw any merit in using the system, small businesses are now seeing the benefits as well.