Today every business is having a separate place in the digital world. And, in this world of having several websites, the importance of data security is increasing day by day. Data security is one of the critical elements that help business persons in earning the trust of their users.

If an e-commerce website user obtains, implements and uses the SSL certificate then he or she can surely protect the user data. Without an SSL certificate, it becomes difficult to keep the data of both user and website private from the risk like hackers, cyber attack and others.

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What is encryption?

Encryption is a process through which the data can be stored privately to keep out from the reach of attackers and hackers. In order to prevent the website or web browser from the attack and to keep the track of data going back and forth, it is important to configure them with the Secure Socket Layer that is SSL.

The SSL functions in creating an encrypted link that helps in protecting the private information of the user. Due to the SSL link, the users’ private information like the credit card number or social security number or password or any other information can safely be stored and keep away from the attackers.

Why it is important to have an encrypted SSL link?


While creating the encrypted SSL link, first of all, the web browsers verify the websites and the connections. This step is very important because in case it is ignored then the risk of having a Man-In-The-Middle (MitM) attack can occur.

This MitM attack allows the hackers to get access over the encrypted or stored data by inserting in the middle of the connection. If a user does not validate the website with a certificate then he or she might mistakenly be able to get connected to the hacker.

Thereafter the hacker uses the information of the user and gets connected to the website easily. Through this loop, the attacker can easily pretend like the user. Despite the fact that the data is encrypted but still the attacker can decrypt it. This will happen because the attacker will sit in the middle of the link. Now the question is what is an SSL certificate?

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL certificate helps in preventing the users from Man-In-The-Middle (MitM) attack. Through this step, the certificate ensures that the user’s web browser is connected to the legal website. Then the website certificate gets issued to the browser from the trusted certificate authority.

On the basis of the certificate, the browser trusts the website. Well, there are several certification authorities available. And also there are several common browsers that support these authorities.

In case if the authority seems to be untrustworthy then the browser will remove it automatically. Like all the five fingers are not the same, not all the certificates are the same. In the below section we have given details about some certificate varieties.

Domain validation

Domain validation is the cheapest certification that a user can get. This certificate covers the domain registration ownership and other basic encryption settings. Furthermore, the user can easily obtain the certificate within a few minutes.

Organization validation

Organization validation is a bit advance then the domain validation. In this certificate along with the basic encryption and ownership verification of domain, the certificate also requires authentication details like the address and the name of the website owner and other information. In order to obtain the certificate, the user needs to spend several hours’ even days.

Extended Validation (EV)

Extended Validation (EV) is the highest degree of security certificate available. Along with verifying the domain ownership registration details and entity, this certificate also verifies the physical, operational, legal existence of the entity. Sometimes it takes several weeks to obtain this certificate. The EV SSL certificate makes the address bar green and guarantees visitors and customers that hackers will not track your information

In case, the hacker pretends to be the website then due to this certificate it will not be able to build a trusted connection. The certificate helps the web browser to ensure that either the user is legitimate or an attacker.

What can an eCommerce website do to protect the users?

In case the E-commerce website is not having the encrypted connection then the users will not be able to get warnings or details about the untrustworthy connections. For example, whenever a user sends some sensitive or private information to an unencrypted connection the Chrome starts displaying the Alert.

This is because, in the case of sending the information without any encryption, it becomes easier for the attacker to read the information and use it. The SSL certificate makes it secure and easy to protect the private information of the users. In case a website is not using an encrypted connection then it is automatically putting the customer information at risk. SSL certification is inexpensive so it is not a big deal for the E-commerce website owners to get it.