Why this could be the best time to hire a Transformation Director

Horizontal color image of businesswoman - unrecognizable person - working with digital tablet in large futuristic factory. Woman standing on top of a balcony, holding touchpad and checking inventory of a manufacturing company on touchscreen tablet. Focus on businesswoman's hands holding black tablet, futuristic machines in background.

The business world is constantly in development, forcing companies to undergo periods of major change. Even though other factors were set to shake up how we do business, the outbreak of COVID-19 certainly has catalysed digital transformation and completely changed how we do business and how we work.

Businesses have had to quickly adapt to this change and for the vast majority of industries this transition has been challenging and it was crucial to ensure the best resources were in place. There was no space for mistakes, so it was essential to make the right decisions and have the right people to support the business.

This is when enlisting the help of experienced interim experts and have a transformation director join the organization may prove to be vital to successfully get through this unstable period. Transformation directors possess a wealth of experience and cross-functional expertise; they’re the ideal candidates to guide businesses through transitional periods – here’s why now might be the time to consider hiring a transformation director.

Cost- effective

Financial instability has been a “hot-topic” this year, with many businesses having to reconsider their expenses to ensure they could survive this year. Hiring a transformation director could be the most cost-effective way to deal with a period of change. They are not permanent employees (meaning you will be saving on bonuses/benefits required for permanent employees) and they are results driven. This means you will have a highly qualified individual showing immediate commitment that will start achieving tangible results, proving they are worth the investment and addition to your workforce.

Expertise and Knowledge

As previously mentioned, the world of business has completely been shaken up and hard-decisions have had to be made. It has been vital for companies to have the right people ensuring the business still reached their goals. Transformation directors boast an array of experience in a number of different areas, once hired, they are ready to provide the knowledge to fill in possible gaps and immense value for money from a commercial perspective.

This knowledge can be transferred onto employees and permanent managers creating a more experienced and effective workforce in the process.


Even though the essence of a business may not have changed, major aspects of our everyday underwent complete change. We have all suddenly had to adapt to working from home and online communications became the new norm. Employees may have had to learn new skills and processes. This may have caused upset and discomfort – it is essential that this aspect of change is also catered to. Transformation professionals have unique approaches to problems and are very enthusiastic; moreover, their experience with change means they will be able to advise and support you on how to manage the emotional aspect attached to change.

Regardless of the negative impact the pandemic has had, it has also presented an opportunity for businesses to implement much needed adjustments. Therefore, it is definitely worth considering having an experienced individual in your corner to help you adopt new methods and support growth.