Why Use Instagram to Promote Your Small Business?


Everyone seems to be on Instagram these days – both businesses and consumers. Big businesses have huge followings on social media like Instagram. The brand with the most followers on Instagram, after Instagram itself, is National Geographic, with 112 million followers to date!

With huge businesses to compete with for impressions, clicks, likes, and more on Instagram, it may seem like small businesses are at a disadvantage. Fortunately, this is not actually the case. Small businesses have flourished on social media platforms like Instagram, and your small business can take advantage of the many opportunities on social networking sites.

Free Organic Marketing

Instagram is free for everyone, making it a great platform for businesses big and small. Small businesses may think that they’ll be outperformed by larger businesses, but free social networks like Instagram can actually help level the playing field.

While small businesses may never have hundreds of millions of followers like larger ones, they can still market themselves to find followers in their area and industry. Before social media, digital marketing opportunities for small businesses were scarce. They could create a website, but driving traffic can be costly, and old forms of advertising like PPC are also expensive. Larger businesses had more success with these methods, because they could devote a larger marketing budget.

With Instagram, businesses can share images, stories, and spread brand awareness at no cost. This gives small businesses an opportunity to advertise without spending an arm and a leg. While large businesses still may have bigger budgets to spend on social media marketing, a small business can successfully market themselves on Instagram for free with a little time, effort, and creativity.

Share Your Brand

If you’re looking to grow your business, Instagram is a great place to start. Instagram is a great place to share your brand, from its beginnings to its values to its products or services. Rather than a stuffy website page that consumers may not visit, your Instagram page can share your brand’s aesthetic and personality.

Use Instagram to make customers more aware of what your brand is really all about. You can share behind-the-scenes photos and videos, shoutout employees, and much more. It’s also helpful to share discounts or brand news on Instagram; this gives followers extra incentive to follow you or share your business with others.

Reach a Larger Audience

There are over 500 million daily active users on Instagram as of 2018 – the number is probably higher now. Instagram presents an opportunity to reach a much larger audience than your business currently markets itself to. If your business is global, like an e-commerce website, you can reach potential customers around the world. Small, local businesses can also improve their reach, however, and target local followers.

There are various ways to grow real followers on Instagram that are likely to convert into customers. Hashtags are an amazing tool through which you can target Instagram users interested in your business, products, industry, or location. The key is finding and using the right hashtags – any generic hashtags won’t work. Find hashtags that are relevant for your business, and that you expect would be followed by someone who is interested in your business. Hashtags can help your posts get seen by a much larger audience, which can result in followers and customers.

Location tagging is great for local businesses. You can find new followers by location, and tag your location in posts in hopes of getting on the Instagram explore page for that area. Location based hashtags are also useful, especially if the hashtag includes something about your location and industry. There are even plenty of hashtags for small business specifically.

Build Engagement with Followers

Instagram can not only help you reach more followers and potential customers, but also better engage with them. Social media has changed the ways that businesses communicate with consumers, and small businesses can take advantage of this just as much as larger ones.

Engage with the followers you have to further increase your following. If potential followers see that you engage with and value your existing ones, you’re more likely to gain followers. Engaging with followers will also make them more loyal and engaged with your posts, and can drive them to become customers as well.

You can also use Instagram as a customer service tool. If customers contact your business via Instagram, you can easily and quickly respond. You can also ask customers questions through Instagram story polls, or caption on stories and posts to get feedback.

Use Instagram To Grow Your Small Business

Follow the best practices for Instagram to grow your small business! Take advantage of free social media marketing available on Instagram to engage with and find new followers and customers.