Why Virtual Offices Won’t be Permanent


This pandemic forced many employees to work from home. It’s not an ideal setting, but they made the most of it. Some businesses even realized that all operations could happen remotely. There’s no need for employees to go back to a regular office setting. There were even companies that decided to stop leasing an office space. Giant tech companies allowed some of their employees to work wherever they want. While it seems like virtual offices will become the norm in the future, the truth is that working from offices will still be ideal.

The connection among employees is important 

Studies revealed that employees should feel connected. Not everyone likes the people they’re working with, but they have a few friends. Connecting with them through physical interactions is still important. The lack of connection is why employees find it hard to adjust to the work from home setup. When more companies realize the importance of connection among employees, there will be fewer virtual offices in the future.

It’s more efficient when everyone works in the same place

It became easier to streamline office communication with the help of modern tools. The problem is that it’s more difficult to operate when employees are in different places. Managers can’t follow up tasks quickly. If there are issues, it’s not easy to resolve them. Transactions get delayed at times. It means more expenses for the company. Efficiency is higher when everyone works in the same place.

Some employees might leave with reduced pay

Some companies offered employees the chance to continue working from home or wherever they want as long as they get a pay cut. While it’s an excellent offer, not everyone feels comfortable with it. The reduced pay makes it even more difficult to survive a challenging economic situation. Besides, just because people work from home doesn’t mean their expenses went down drastically. When expenses stay the same, a reduction in pay doesn’t make sense. 

Meeting with customers is still crucial 

The good thing about having physical offices is that the company can have a face-to-face conversation with potential customers. It’s a crucial aspect of running a business. While it’s easy to communicate with potential customers online, it still feels different from physical interaction. It’s also easier to entice them to patronize the brand.

Be smart in running offices

The point is that the idea of working virtually won’t be permanent. Eventually, companies will realize that it’s still necessary to have a physical office. However, it might make sense to start changes in how to operate things. For instance, employees should have a work from home opportunity if they want to. Reducing the number of work days or work hours can be a reasonable option. 

As long as everyone can work efficiently, it’s okay. If the business continues to have a physical setup, the company should invest in quality stationery online. It’s important for employees to feel comfortable while working. When they have everything, they need in an office, they will work better.