Why WinX DVD Ripper Platinum best Windows-based DVD decode & convert software


Many think that DVD collection seems to be anachronistic when everything is available through streaming? Do you also fall into this category? Are you the person who doesn’t want to throw those precious DVDs? Looking for ways to protect them. Sometimes there may even be discs breaks, discs scratches and less possibility of not lasting forever. What will you do with those broken discs which you have spent a lifetime building a library?

Here is the solution

Ripping them to the external drive is a definite answer. But doing it is a daunting task. Don’t you agree with this? There are many open-source tools available to rip your sacred DVD’s.

You might be wondering what is this ripping all about? DVD Ripper is formally referred to as digital extraction. It is the process where video or audio content is copied from a DVD, CD or streaming media files onto a hard drive. This programme has an encoder to reduce the size and compress the source media files on the hard disk. Through a converter program, the user can change the media file formats.

WinX DVD Ripper

It is a DVD decoding & converting software that enables you to view the contents on any device. It even has the video playback option. It rips quickly with high-quality videos. There will be no way of making out the difference between the original video and the ripped video. This DVD Ripper comes with an added benefit of ripping DVD files like Video TS folder and ISO images. It formats DVDs for playback on iOS, Android, Microsoft and ensures a safe copy of DVD library to NAS drive, Plex media server and more.

This DVD ripper programs  has advanced functionality to customize the rip that allows fine-tuning of your conversations by modifying technical aspects. It is even backed by video editor that crops your video, trim footage and edit all the subtitles.

Ripping and copying

An in-built encoder allows you to flawlessly fit into the specifications of Windows media centre. You can easily copy DVD to ISO images in only 3 simple steps at a much faster rate.

This serves the purpose of DVD backup for Windows applications of 7 and later versions. It thus enables you to 1:1 copy without any quality loss at a much quicker space retaining the original audio, video and subtitles. Good news! you can now copy all the data to a UDF ISO image, but the ripping time varies with various PC models.


It seamlessly rips DVD to digital formats of AVI, HEVC, MPEG,iPhone XS/8, H.264, MOV,  and more.  This also upholds MP4 videos with AAC channels. 

Facing problems in watching movies on Blackberry or Nokia, no problem, transfer all the contents to your smartphone by ripping. It easily copies total contents and title to a single MPEG2 file. Without disturbing the quality, at the same time retains the original subtitles with DTS audio.

Copy DVD to ISO images within 3 steps on Windows 10/8/7

With the best ISO converter, copy DVD contents to ISO images

  • Import the source files to DVD
  • Choose the output profile
  • Select the destination folder and initiate 1:1 copying

Video editing

Depending on your choice, set the preferred file size and video quality by adjusting different video and audio factors.

A computer video editor is a useful feature to trim and crop video clips, remove any black edges and merge several video files. Choose the start and endpoint, desired language and the track of the subtitles for the most sought after output. Through SRT subtitles, it auto fixes the mismatched data. Gives a guaranteed and stable video conversion method.


Many thanks! for What? There is an in-built video player. With this, you can preview the movie and even take a snapshot. Later save this snapshot as a .PNG file. The aspect ratio of the DVD playback picture on your PC, tablet, PSP or smartphone can be adjusted and rectified.

In addition, the exclusive video transcoder process delivers 90% compression ratio for all resized large videos smoothly.

System Requirements

It supports all type of DVDs and continuously updates itself to support all the recent DVDs.

For this it requires

Processor: AMD processor or 1GHz Intel and above version

OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP (62 or 32 bit), Microsoft Windows 98,2000, NT, Vista, 2003 (32 & 64 bit)

256MB RAM or above as recommended

Pricing Model

For Windows users presently, WinX DVD-Ripper platinum is running an Holiday offers and the price for this software starts at $29.9, where the actual price is at $59.95.

Save 50% and get many free gifts like full version with the latest updates, video converter etc.

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WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can be used not only to rip movies but also to handle data discs. Within less than 5 minutes, everyone can format audio to MP3 files. Even a novice can install this without any hiccups in between. When you install the free mode, it is actually the platinum edition. Compared to the premium version, though it lacks few features it is a powerful tool in your hands, which you can use it without any doubt.