Why Yieldnodes is a Proven Cryptocurrency Service


You have used mining for years to increase your bitcoin. You have invested in a standard desktop computer to mine cryptocurrencies. 

But the return is lower than you have ever imagined. So, you have upgraded to a more stable and stronger technology to double the return of your crypto investment. 

Although it caused you a big fortune, you regularly receive a high number of coins, which you want as a crypto trader and investor. 

But there are other costs you need to pay. Your utility bill, for example, will start to pile up. That means your expenses will outweigh the return of your investment. 

That’s not all. You also have to exert effort and time on monitoring, which may impact your daily schedule. 

This is where Proof of Stake (POS) can be a lifesaver. Unlike a Proof of Work (POW), there is no need to solve any complex equations. All you have to do is provide a proof of ownership of your currency. Then, deposit it in a specific wallet to generate coins. 

But to qualify for any POS reward or masternode, there is a minimum investment amount to pay. You are also required to buy a great volume of coins that may cost you an arm or a leg. 

Fortunately, once your masternode is set up as POS, you can enjoy and receive coins regularly. You can also trade your coins into other cryptocurrencies, taking your experience to the next level. 

But what multi-tier node program or cryptocurrency service to trust? Yieldnodes will be your best bet! 

What Makes it a Trusted and Reliable Cryptocurrency Service you Should Try Today? 

It Has Generated a Good Return for the Past Few Years

Who would have thought that Yieldnodes would be a big hit in the industry despite being new? Well, no one has expected it. But Yieldnodes made it possible. Established and founded in 2018, the company has already generated a return of around 189.7%. The yearly return is approximately 132%. Plus, those with the monthly compounding option enjoy 249.85% of return, which is massive even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yieldnodes claims to provide a profit that ranges from 5 to 15% every month. That is a reasonable offer, indeed. 

In case your return decreases below 5% for three consecutive months, your exact rental payment and other accrued profits will be returned to you. So, there is nothing to be afraid of. 

If the profit of stake is no longer new to you and your existing multi-tier node program is subpar, Yieldnodes will not be a disappointment. 

24/7 Real-Time and Consistent Monitoring

Most people get confused between masternoding and trading. But they are different. Masternoding does not work like trading. That is why you can reduce the risks of any capital loss over time. 

Yes, masternoding comes with expenses. But when the return is lower than 5% for months, Yieldnodes can cancel the contracts for everyone’s safety and convenience. 

What causes a below 5% return? While there are many contributing factors, the fluctuations in coin prices can immensely impact the market. 

But do not worry. Yieldnodes is backed by the most qualified and capable team who will monitor the master nodes in real-time while following the industry’s highest standards and best practices. 

Yieldnodes will take any course of action to address any problem that may affect your return. You can be confident that your Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency are protected against any potential risk in the future. 

It Has a Unique and Effective Strategy to Generate Revenue

The average return at Yieldnodes is 11% for the last 16 months since its official launch in 2019. In January 2021, it did not disappoint its investors again. In fact, it has generated a return of 12%, which is impressive in the crypto market. Thanks to its unique method in generating revenues for its valued customers across the globe. It 

What sets it apart is that Yieldnodes invests in and uses a state-of-the-art technology of master nodes throughout its operations. What is a masternode? How does it work? A masternode is simply a computer used for the blockchain. 

Like other available nodes, a masternode is designed to process or even store transactions of all sizes on the blockchain ecosystem. 

For an average person, it is critical to invest in a lot of resources for the masternode to work. But you do not need that as Yieldnodes comes to your rescue. You do not have to buy an advanced machine as Yieldnodes has them all. 

With a combination of price gains, masternoding, and clever strategies, the company has obtained high profits. So, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to give Yieldnodes a call for more returns! 

It Strives for Transparency

Cryptocurrency thefts increased from 2019 to 2020, according to Statista. The average value taken was 160% in 2019 alone. 

As a beginner, it is normal to feel frightened by global cryptocurrency thefts. But at Yieldnodes, a client’s high level of safety is its number one goal since then. 

What most people love about Yieldnodes is its level of transparency. Yes, the company does not hide anything from its existing and new clients. 

From the history, all information from the core team is available on its site, where everyone can access it. Click here for more details! 

You can also contact Yieldnodes for other details. The company has incredible customer support with a quick response time. Every customer representative is friendly and accommodating, too. 

Fund Safety is also a Top Goal 

Suppose you have invested all your hard-earned money in crypto. Everything is excellent and smooth. Then, all of your investment is gone. It will be a challenging and daunting experience. 

But with Yieldnodes, your funds will be in good hands. More than the core team, the company takes all necessary measures to guarantee your investment is protected against intruders and hackers 24/7. Its technology, for instance, is state-of-the-art and high-quality. 

Contact Yieldnodes Today!

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