Why You Need a Good Anti Phishing Software for Your Email


We all love how technology has touched us and has become an integral part of our lives. There was a time when communicating with people at longer distances was a tedious task, but today technology has brought us all together and has knitted us all together in a closely united web. Interestingly, with the social media revolution, the technology in our palms also contains our biggest secrets and our most confidential data that we would not want to share with any unauthorized person.

The same theory is applicable at organizational levels, be it a small scale business organization or a large conglomerate. Ensuring data security is one of the most primary concerns in today’s tech-dependent world. Cases of data breaches in the recent past at organizations such as Facebook, Amazon, and Target gave a clear message how cyber attackers are smart and even a minute carelessness could mean that you lose your most confidential data such as your customer’s credit card information out to the cyber attackers.

Over the years, cybersecurity protocols, in general, have become much stricter and therefore attackers today do not use traditional methods to sneak into your systems. Instead of infecting your system with creepy malware and Trojans, they target your data with undetectable techniques such as phishing. Unfortunately, most E0mail servers lack the required level of anti-phishing protection in their default system. As a result, it becomes incredibly complicated for data security experts to detect and eliminate such threats.

How Phishing Works?

Most technology users today are not very tech savvy. Therefore, they find it challenging to understand specific mechanisms. Earlier when technology and the internet were newer, almost all kids believed that computers could be attacked by some viruses and Trojans that can cause havoc. These Trojans and malware generally strike your system and cripples so that it becomes difficult to use it. On the other hand phishing does not make use of any such malware, viruses or Trojans without even affecting your system.

Do you receiving any emails that asked you to click a specific link and enter your details, but nothing happened when you did so. The result can be a successful data breach orchestrated by the miscreants without you even noticing it although many people have become cautious of any shady looking emails that ask you to click links, some sound very genuine. Attackers have now also managed to send out phishing emails to your name from a legitimate email address making it sound more reliable.

Why You Need a Good Anti-phishing Software

Many people wonder why your regular antivirus or anti-malware is not able to eliminate such threats that are sent out via email. This is because unlike malware and viruses these emails are not meant to attack k your system.  That is why they often go undetected by the anti-virus software and can quickly strike the confidential data. It is therefore essential that you invest in a dedicated anti-expert level anti-phishing software which would only focus on eliminating such threats. Other than that taking care of small things such as consciously archiving all your emails so that attackers remain at bay and are not able to sneak into our data. Third party anti-phishing service providers such as Duocircle.com offer reliable and incredible dedicated software that can protect your Email servers from such attacks.