Why You Need a Kodi Box For The Ultimate Home Entertainment Setup


Why You Need a Kodi Box For The Ultimate Home Entertainment Setup

From the time when premium TV channels became a reality, home entertainment has never been as exciting. Subscribers can now enjoy their favorite TV programs, movies and music from the comfort of their homes. However, accessing premium TV channels comes with a price. Users have to pay a regular subscription fee, to continue enjoying their favorite programs, not to mention that they have to purchase installation equipment including decoders and satellite dishes. However, thanks to the introduction of Kodi boxes, home users can now access premium media files without paying any subscription fee. Thanks to this great innovation, a majority of entertainment enthusiasts are seeking ways to acquire the best Kodi box available in the market.

What is a Kodi Box?

Kodi is an application software that facilitates the streaming of digital media files including videos and music, from the internet or local and network storage sources. The software comes in the form of a media player that can run on a number of platforms including Android phones and computers. A Kodi box therefore, is a device that consists of the Kodi software, and allows users to stream media content on any compatible platform. Initially, XBMC, a non-profit technology consortium, who are the developers of the software, released Kodi exclusively for the Xbox gaming console. In fact, the Xbox Media Centre was the name given to Kodi, before it acquired its current name. Over the years, Kodi has evolved to acquire an identity of its own and is now an independent entity.

Why do you need a Kodi Box?

Kodi boxes come with great benefits. Firstly, the fact that users can stream their favorite media files without paying any subscription fee is more than appealing. By using a Kodi box, users can access unlimited sources of entertainment from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Kodi software is compatible across various platforms. This means that users can access their favorite programs using their TV sets, PCs and even Smartphones.

The Kodi software is constantly subjected to modifications and upgrading. This gives users the opportunity to enjoy new services that come with new upgrades. These upgrades allow users to stream content directly to new compatible devices including tablets. Ever since its release back in 2003, Kodi has undergone numerous upgrades by independent programmers including modifications in language settings. It is now available in various countries across the world.

Is Kodi Legal?

Ever since the inception of Kodi, debate has been raging about its legality. While most premium streaming service providers are advocating for its ban, home entertainment users are supporting its legitimacy. Nevertheless, the Kodi software and boxes are all legal and patented. It is legal for home users to acquire Kodi boxes without the fear of breaching any copyright agreements. However, some Kodi boxes come preloaded with plug-ins and extensions that can facilitate the streaming of copyrighted content to their devices.

Therefore, selling fully loaded Kodi boxes is illegal in some countries, and thus it is advisable that home users adhere to their respective country’s copyright laws. As long as you follow the regulations, you can enjoy your Kodi box to your utter satisfaction.