Why You Need To Use Workiz- Service Scheduling Software in Your Business


Workiz is the best service management application for any business due to features like call flows, client and prospect engagement, call recording, masking client phone numbers, dispatch management, and custom job forms. It has an easy-to-use interface and is beautifully designed for users to navigate different information relevant to the business or their projects.

 Users of this service management application can quickly edit or schedule service appointments to assist them during the dispatching process.  It is estimated that Workiz can cater to over 100,000 service providers across Canada and the United States who have scheduled plenty of jobs amounting to 12 million jobs, making them earn billions in job revenue. Work has helped many businesses grow, including the carpet cleaning sector, with the carpet cleaning software.  Keep reading to understand how Workiz continues to play a significant part in the carpet cleaning business.

  1. Impressive Client Management

It has a custom relationship management feature to help the carpet cleaners to manage client relationships. With Workiz, you can easily store or keep relevant data of your carpet cleaning business clients. You can quickly locate or look for specific clients you are looking for due to the filtering and search tools of the Workiz’s customer relationship management feature. With Workiz, you will be able to prevent double entries in your carpet cleaning business database by helping you in noticing the input of a new client data that matches a previous entry that you had conducted.

  1. Excellent Quote Management

With the help of this service management platform, you can be able to track, send or create your estimates and quotes. The significant advantage of using Workiz in your carpet cleaning business is that you can track and store the quotes exported into the database as a CSV file. Below are the relevant details that you can include in your quotes of a carpet cleaning business:

  • Deposits
  • Signatures
  • Amount due
  • Contract terms
  • Notes
  • Billing information
  • Estimate items
  • Billing information and attachments
  1. Comfortable Dispatching & Scheduling

Office staff in a carpet cleaning business can adjust schedules and create jobs with the help of Workiz’s ability to drag-and-drop calendar. You can easily color-code jobs with the help of Workiz to assist you in dispatching and organizing jobs. Users of the Workiz carpet cleaning scheduling software can change the calendar view to easily display their schedule of the month, day, or week. With the help of this software, you will be able to update the pins on the map or track the location of your technicians as they offer carpet cleaning services.

  1. Advanced Reporting And Call Booking

You can comfortably monitor the performance of your carpet cleaning business due to built-in reports equipped with real-time data offered by the Workiz service management platform. The office staff of your carpet cleaning business can provide excellent customer services and field phone calls efficiently due to the available call booking feature of Workiz. Call recording, call masking, call conferencing, and transfer are some of the call booking tools included in Workiz

In conclusion, Workiz has a mobile app that will assist your field workers by giving them instant information to deliver quality carpet cleaning services to the clients. Work plans to use their funds in expanding business reach as well as operations.