Why You Should Consider an SD WAN for Your Business


No matter what kind of business you run, an SD WAN or software-defined wide area network could be extremely beneficial to your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider implementing one today.

Partnership with SaaS

Software-as-a-service applications are a key part of cloud migration, where people are moving more and more of their business online. A SD WAN is the perfect partner for anyone who is moving from a traditional network to a cloud-based one. The network will not just protect the data being used, it will also make sure it is protected no matter where it goes; including onto the cloud.

What’s more, an SD WAN can help to simplify some of the confusing matters about the cloud. One of the best things it does is boost cloud connectivity so even multiple people who all access the public cloud will have no trouble with speed.


Another great reason to implement an SD WAN is its cost-effectiveness. Whereas a traditional bank of servers can quickly add up costs especially when you consider that they need a dedicated space and constant power, an SD WAN has a much lower cost.

This becomes especially advantageous when you consider that some offices may be remote and have much fewer staff members than bigger branches. It may not be cost-effective to keep someone fully employed in IT services here. Instead, access to the SD WAN will allow them full integration with your business’s network. In the event of network downtime, an external specialist can be brought in for help.

Easy Mergers

When your company merges with another, combining the two can result in some tricky processes when it comes time to merge the networks. Having an SD WAN on at least one side of the merger will speed things up remarkably. The way the network is programmed allows for easy acquisition and mergers for the best possible network you could achieve.

You can even set it up so that each acquisition is available within its own network. Therefore each original company’s network can exist as one arm within the wider company’s umbrella; all headed by the SD WAN.

Quick Scalability

Nowadays it is extremely important that you are able to scale your business up or down depending on your needs. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the options available through an SD WAN or cloud service. It is very easy to add or take away new services within the network and they can be accessed from anywhere.

For example, if you are attending a trade show, you might set up a small part of your SD WAN to be exclusively for use by you and your employees at the trade show. You are also able to maintain your security and your protection from external threats at all points during these periods of expansion and reduction.

If you think an SD WAN could be beneficial to you in your line of work, start looking into how to incorporate one into your network today!