Why You Should Consider Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for a Successful eCommerce


For anyone looking to build a successful eCommerce business, Amazon is one of the most viable sites to sell your products. However, there are many challenges associated with expanding your eCommerce. You need to think about logistics and how to manage the operational issues of your business. This is where FBA comes in.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service offered to sellers to enable them to store their inventory in any of Amazon’s fulfilment centers available around the world. The service allows Amazon to handle all the logistics relating to packaging and shipping of products once they are ordered by buyers. FBA is meant to simplify things for sellers by offering the following benefits.

Discounted Shipping Rates

Handling all shipping needs on your own has two main disadvantages:

  • The shipping cost will be too high for you, which will minimize your profits
  • Transferring the high shipping cost to the client will discourage sales

However, FBA helps you forget about all these logistics by offering you a more affordable option. The discounted shipping costs are made possible through Amazon’s contracts with different shipping carriers. Amazon is able to bargain for lower shipping costs from its carriers, hence offering better rates that are reasonable for buyers and sellers. They also provide free shipping services on select orders, which is a major attraction to buyers.

Simplified Logistics

Inspecting returns and responding to upset clients can have a negative effect on the operations of a business. FBA allows sellers to concentrate on the selling and marketing of products rather than tracking orders. This shields sellers from the headache of dealing with return orders and other shipping problems. It also saves the time and effort needed for packing and shipping items. Check out the best Amazon seller tools suggested by Infinite FBA.

Ample Storage Space

As your eCommerce continues to grow, you need more storage space for your products. However, keeping head stock can be costly because it eats up all the space you have in your warehouse. With FBA, sellers are able to store their inventory at any Amazon fulfilment center. This means you’ll never run out of storage space whenever your products are waiting to be shipped.

In addition, the damages resulting from strained storage facilities are eliminated. Your orders will be delivered in their original condition without any damages.

24-Hour Customer Service

When people buy products online, they need to stay updated on the status of their orders. This can be stressing to you as the seller if you don’t have the right team to respond to such queries. FBA offers additional benefits by providing reliable customer care that buyers can contact at any time. This team handles all complaints, returns, and inquiries raised by buyers. This is a key motivator for customers. Once your customers see the FBA logo on your listings, they will be confident buying from you.

Customers Receive Their Orders in Good Time

Amazon has established many fulfilment centers worldwide. This means that no matter where the customer is located, their items are delivered within the projected time. The service locates the nearest fulfilment center to the buyer once the order is placed on the Amazon website. The product is then shipped immediately to ensure the customer receives it at the earliest time possible. This is a big boost to customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

From saving cost to simplifying things for eCommerce businesses, FBA is a helpful tool for Amazon sellers. It could save you time, money and effort to give your business a safer landing.