Why You Should Use Narrowband IOT For Your Business


The IoT, or the Internet of Things, encompasses all of the devices around the globe that are connected to the internet. This includes devices such as computers, phones, smartwatches, televisions, cars, refrigerators, and so on. The number of devices within this network is only getting more significant. According to the International Energy Agency, it’s estimated that by 2020 there will be over 14 billion internet-connected devices in the IoT.

To maintain the ability to transfer a high amount of data with low power consumption, the Narrowband IoT (NB IoT) was constructed. This network was built within the LTE standard and allowed for battery-powered devices to be connected by a low bandwidth over the existing cellular network. With this network, companies can always have their devices connected without using much power. There’s a lot of potential behind the future of NB IoT, and businesses should make plans now to incorporate it into their communications system.

NB IoT: How Does it Benefit Your Business?

         According to telecom audit companies, the most significant benefit of NB IoT it consumes less power than LTE. Your batteries will in turn last longer, which will save you money, time, and resources. This low-power technology is also easily scalable so it can be there for your business; however, it may grow in the future. NB IoT is even more secure than other options like Bluetooth and WiFi. Lastly, this network provides full coverage both indoors and outdoors. Wherever you’d like to install a connected device, it can be covered by this network.

Using NB IoT can help you solve problems within your business. To use this technology successfully, first, diagnose the problem within your business that can be solved by a wireless device. Then, curate a plan that caters to this problem while keeping the well-being of your employees a priority.

Potential Uses for NB IoT

  1. Tracking – Low-powered devices would work well on tracking devices. These devices always have to be on and often only track one thing on the internet, making NB IoT very useful for these kinds of devices. For example, packages can be tracked in real time so the transportation back and forth can be handled more efficiently.
  2. Wearables – Devices such as Apple Watches and GoPros would benefit significantly from using NB IoT. With this network, these devices can endure a long day without having to be charged. In a recent report done by Research & Markets and Berg Insight, global shipments of wearables are expected to reach 168.2 million in 2019. This market is booming with products.
  3. Security/Alarms: Like other devices on this list, security devices have to be on an alert for an extended amount of time. Many families are often dependent on these devices for their safety. The NB IoT is a reliable, and secure network that these devices can rely on for the long-haul. For example, an internet-connected thermometer can track normal temperature levels and let homeowners know about a sharp change in temperature in real time.

The uses for NB IoT are only going to grow in the coming years. Now is the right time for businesses to take charge of their communications and make plans to incorporate this network into their infrastructure.