Why Your Business Needs a Customer Feedback Kiosk


73% of buyers point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions, according to Forbes. For your business to grow, you need to listen to what your customers are saying. Customer feedback is what enables you to know your shortcomings, make the necessary adjustments, and set yourself up for success.

The best way to know what your customers think of your brand is by utilizing an offline customer feedback survey kiosk. This is a dedicated computer which is placed at a strategic place within your retail business premises and used by your clients to input feedback. It has a simple survey displayed in an easy-to-use screen. Here’s why you should consider installing one in your business area.

In-the-Moment Feedback

Unlike other forms of a survey that occur far from the business premises, an offline feedback kiosk collects real-time feedback within the premises. On site, the experience of the customer is still fresh in their minds. Thus, they give an accurate response on what their engagement with your business felt like. This is unlike an email survey or questionnaire which the customer may fill hours or days later.

As the kiosk works using offline survey software, you will never miss out on collecting data because of a network problem. This not only guarantees the uninterrupted collection of customer responses, but it also enables you to transfer the survey kiosk to outdoor places such as exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences without worrying about an internet connection.

They Are Non-Intrusive

In light of the surge in online security breaches, most people are wary of giving away any information on the internet. This has made online surveys take a hit as very few people are now willing to participate in them. Unlike email and web surveys, feedback kiosks offer your customers enough privacy as they are not required to enter any of their personal information. Also, people won’t withhold information if they know they aren’t being monitored or tracked.

Comparing the Success of Each Location

If you are a business that has several branches in different locations, it may be tough to capture accurate information on each branch using other survey methods. Having a feedback kiosk installed in each store will enable you to distinguish responses according to location. Each kiosk in a store collects feedback from customers who have interacted with that branch, thus allowing you to perform detailed analysis based on the information collected in that location.

Location-based feedback will help you identify problems that are halting growth in some branches and know your key strengths in other branches. By storing the survey data that you collect, you can later use it to benchmark results. You can compare current results with those from previous surveys to tell how your business is progressing, and where you need to improve.

It Shows That You Care

Feedback kiosks boost the overall image of your brand. They are a symbol that shows how much your business cares for its clients. A survey kiosk also aids in customer retention. When clients see that you have invested in getting their feedback, they will be more inclined to do business with you, and they will keep coming back.

Whether you have a store, restaurant, or spa, a survey kiosk can be a valuable tool for improving your business performance. Just make sure the survey software you use has an excellent interface, allows easy navigation, and has simple controls. With an offline feedback kiosk, you will get priceless insights on what your clients feel about your product or service, and use this information to improve your business operations.