Why Your Business Needs An Explainer Video For Your Marketing


When marketing your product or service to an Internet audience, you will need to be extra mindful of your visuals and brevity. The online reader typically takes only three seconds before he or she decides to click another page because yours is uninteresting. This means that text alone will not cut it. If you want your brand to survive in this cutthroat environment, you have to level with what consumers want—and that’s a medium that gives them information in the briefest, most visually appealing way possible.

Businesses and products can be tough to describe, so whittling the details down to the core essentials can be tricky and, if done incorrectly, potentially dangerous for your brand. Online videos have seen a huge growth in its audience over the past years and more consumers are preferring to see explainer videos instead of instruction manuals. Video content can range from instructional to humorous, depending on your target market.

If you’re a marketing manager or business owner, there’s really no better way to go than introducing a video how-to or explainer for your products. Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. It gets consumers’ attention faster.

Traditional web content is effective, no doubt, but it can only take you so far. An explainer video is your proactive way of reaching out to your market (and other potential markets). Readers are no longer attracted by flashy animation, a barrage of photos, and some fancy fonts. This will only cause confusion and will even slow your webpage down—both of which are the death of your site. By taking out the frills and, instead, focusing on beautifully pieced explainer video, you hit the message at the core and connect with your audience at the level they are comfortable with.

  1. It boosts social media likes and shares.

Social media shares and likes are equivalent to word-of-mouth marketing and people are more likely to share a funny or interesting video than an article. In addition, make sure your videos are mobile responsive, so it adjusts according to the type of mobile device that your readers use. This way, they become easily shareable.

  1. It reduces the bounce rate on your website.

Explainer videos directly affect your site’s performance by significantly reducing the bounce rate. The average attention span is about 8 seconds. By including a video on your page—one that engages them to keep watching until the end—you boost a visitor’s interaction with your website longer. Videos are normally edited to 30 seconds to 2 minutes, so you can just imagine the stellar numbers you’ll get to present to would-be advertisers.

  1. It boost your campaign’s click-through rate.

A marketing email has a better chance of getting clicked through to your actual website if it contains an interesting video. According to a recent study by GetResponse, click-through rates have been observed to increase by as much as 96% when an introductory email comes with an explainer video.

  1. It helps with information retention.

Studies say that the average person remembers only 10% of what they hear and 50% of what they see. With a well-produced explainer video, not only will your audience remember what you presented, they will be talking about it with their families and friends. Word of mouth marketing remains a primary means of getting new customers. If they like what they see and it makes them feel good, you can be assured that your video will be distributed exponentially.