Why Your Business Needs Lean Agile to Grow


Lean-Agile Mindset is essential to growing in your business. Agile and Lean-Agile is not a new term; it is one of the most popular practices, especially for software development, for quite a long time. 

In simple words, Agile is based on small incremental development through collaboration between cross-functional and self-organising teams.

Principles of Lean Agile 

There are seven principles of lean-agile, and based on these principles, you can maximize the value of your product and minimize the waste. 

Here are the seven principles of lean-agile 

  1. Focus on adding Quality
  2. Eliminating waste  
  3. Create more knowledge 
  4. Defer commitments 
  5. Aim to deliver fast
  6. Respect for your team and customers 
  7. And finally optimizing the whole

Lean-Agile Mindset

It is the core of your business. A Lean-Agile Mindset can help you to build a new management approach and enhance your company culture.

Also, for the success of your business, creating a Lean-Agile mindset is extremely important. This mindset can help your business to move faster and adapt to change, which are required to overcome obstacles. 

Lean-agile mindset is not really visible but more powerful for your business. It will bring a new shift in your business.

Benefits of Using Lean-Agile Practices in Businesses

Here are the few benefits which your business will get by using all the lean agile practices. 

Fast Response

Lack of flexibility is one of the things with traditional business models. Traditional approaches are not designed for the fast response to the market change. On the other hand, agile processes are highly dynamic in nature. They give enough room for a quick response to your business.

Lean-Agile not only focuses on fast delivery but also on high-quality and valuable outcomes. Agile always evolves on small iterations, and at the end of each iteration, you will get a value for your business. And the time in between these iterations give you enough room to give a fast response to the market change.


One of the reasons why businesses fail – lack of communication. And here Agile approach can help. It is also found that those businesses that use agile experience better results across their organisation. 

Remember, one of the important keys is communication. And when collaboration is done the right way , It always leads to ownership and more accountability within the team.

Better Flexibility 

It is no secret that agile brings flexibility in businesses. And it is not easy to bring change into the business and Agile has an ability to bring changes and better flexibility in your business quickly. 

The lean agile practice offers workflows and processes that you can adapt as per the need of your business. And these practices are helpful to consider other important aspects such as resources, time and budget. That’s one of the preferred reasons why businesses use agile. 

High Team Values 

People are an important asset for any business. Healthy work culture and high team value are very important to grow. And a team with these qualities collaborates better, delivers fast and better results as compared to others. 

And the better results are possible because agile focuses on the empowering individuals in your team. Agile is also helpful in creating fun workplaces in your team with high team values. 

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the key to growth. And it should be a part of your business. Lean Agile focuses on eliminating waste on all the levels. 

By eliminating waste, you are adding more space for quality and cutting your cost, time and energy.  And at the end of the day, customers will pay for a quality product and not for the waste. 

Other Benefits 

There are many other benefits which you can get in your business by using the lean-agile principles and practices are as follows. 

  1. Early Risk Detection 

In agile, you work on your product in small incremental development. And because of this nature, you can detect any rik quite early. So corrective action can help on those risks.

  1. Great Communication

Communication is the key. And if you use agile in your business, there will be daily communication in the form of daily stand up, and also checkpoint meetings on regular intervals add transparency. 

  1. Quick Feedback

In Agile, you demonstrate your work by the end of each iteration to your customers and stakeholders. It adds a quick feedback loop. Also, It helps your team to make changes appropriate in your product as per the real customer’s feedback.

  1. More Productivity 

By adapting, the agile team will be a self-driven and self-organized team. And it will be more efficient and productive for your business.  It’s important for the success of any business. 


With adopting agile, you can make your business more flexible, adding values in your team, great collaboration and a quick response time to the market changes.

Also, you can expect an early ROI for your product which is always helpful. And businesses only can take all the benefits from agile if they use agile business tools and processes smartly. There are many such practices available which you can select as per your business need. 

These all are important to grow your business and stay ahead from your competition.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and now it’s time to be more agile and flexible in your business.